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The candid Prashant Jha of BBA is our next feature for the rising star series. A very straightforward person who is never ready to accept anything that is wrong. He believes in being outright about what is right and wrong and also feels that it is important not to feel bad about speaking out if what you do is right. It is this character of his which get the best of him and also gets him into trouble. His whole world revolves around his family which consists of his parents and two siblings.

Prashant with his co-host at one of the events

A hardworking person who is very industrious, he makes sure to meet his own needs by taking tuitions and believes that one should stand on their own feet by their own ability and not bother parents for everything. His one desire is to make his parents proud, so he works hard towards achieving it. Doing MBA in finance in one of the best International B School is his immediate aim.

He does not want to continue with the family business, he feels that once he is successful and earns enough then he will think of anything else that he would want to start.

Prashant being felicitated for his achievements

But the one thing that he would want to change if given a chance will be the educational system of our country. He does not approve of the system where kids are forced to study the subjects they have no interest in. According to him, students from a very young age should be directed as per their interest or talent. Instead of ‘wasting 12 precious years’ of their life they should be guided in the best way possible.Well changing the government is an impossible task but trying to change the mentality of the students is a possibility with which he is working.

His first love is speeding on a bike, he can drive for hours on a bike and try the different varieties of street food available. A lover of cricket whose motto in life is ‘Never try to prove to anyone else except to oneself’.

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