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Inspiria Knowledge Campus organized a road safety awareness event conducted by Young Indians, marking a remarkable initiative on campus. The road safety program held on January 18, 2024, aimed to promote a sense of responsibility among students. It focused on road safety, traffic rule compliance, and emergency assistance for victims of road accidents.

Inspiria Hosts Young Indians

Inspiria Knowledge Campus proudly hosted Young Indians. They brought insightful perspectives on road safety and emergency assistance as part of their awareness drive. This collaborative effort sought to instill a sense of duty among young students. The event aimed to inspire acts of kindness. It emphasized the impact individuals can have on society through proactive engagement in road safety and emergency assistance.

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The Necessity of Road Safety Awareness

As India lunges forward, the road and highway network is increasing at a frantic pace. From 2013 to 2023, the country’s road network grew by approximately 59%. Highways have been the most integral aspect of India’s amazing growth story since connecting people, goods, and other raw materials boosts economic growth. There are further plans to build at least 26 green expressways by 2025.  The enhanced road network has spurred growth in various sectors, including the motor vehicle industry, tourism, hospitality, and IT. The flourishing economy has created a demand for trained professionals in Management, Computer Science, and Hospitality Management. Various sectors are seeking specialists in these fields. Inspiria Knowledge Campus, one of the top BBA colleges in Siliguri, will see its students traveling far and wide pursuing prospective careers.

As more and more people travel on roads and highways, the chances of accidents also increase. The number of road accidents increased in India in 2022 by nearly 12 % from 2021. Speeding caused more than 72% of India’s total road accidents while driving on the wrong side was the second highest cause. Drunk driving and use of mobile phones while driving also resulted in a high number of road mishaps.

Therefore there is a pressing need to spread awareness on safe driving, following traffic rules and assisting road accident victims.

Key takeaways

Following are few of the key takeaways for the students from the seminar on road safety by the Young Indians:

Empowering Minds with Knowledge

The Young Indians provided valuable insights into the principles and practices of being a positive force in our communities. The focus was on inspiring a sense of duty among the student body. They were also empowered with legal insights regarding road safety.

One of the highlights of the event was a comprehensive session on existing Indian laws and acts supporting individuals who offer help to road accident victims. Young Indians shed light on the legal aspects, eliminating concerns about potential repercussions and hospital expenses. This knowledge was crucial in encouraging students to act without fear.

The Need to Take quick action

Emphasizing the importance of immediate action in the face of a road accident, the event urged students not to stand idle or quietly move if they come across a road mishap, but to step forward and extend a helping hand to those in need. This emphasis on prompt action highlighted the importance of collective responsibility.

Education on New Legislation

The session also provided attendees with insights into recent legislative changes supporting individuals providing aid in accident situations. This knowledge served to eliminate concerns about potential legal consequences and hospital expenses and further motivated students to be proactive in helping accident victims.

Compelling Video Illustrations

Young Indians successfully conveyed their message through impactful video demonstrations.These visuals depicted unfortunate scenarios where people hesitated to assist accident victims due to legal and financial concerns. The powerful tagline, “Photo matt lo, action lo,” echoed strongly, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Student Engagement 

The event proved to be an engaging and enlightening experience for the students. Many took the opportunity to share their thoughts and personal testimonies, creating an open dialogue that reinforced the importance of collective responsibility in road safety.

Unity at the End

The session concluded on a positive note with a group photo capturing the unity between Young Indians and the students of Inspiria Knowledge Campus. The collective commitment to road safety was evident, marking the event as a successful step towards creating a more responsible and compassionate community.


Inspiria Knowledge Campus, a leading BBA college in this region, remains dedicated to molding responsible individuals who positively influence society. The recent road safety event, a collaboration with Young Indians, is proof of this commitment, leaving a lasting impression on attendees. As we move forward, let this initiative inspire other educational institutions to contribute to creating a safer and more compassionate society.

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