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The traits and peculiarities of “The Queen of Hills-Darjeeling are not just confined to aesthetic charm, internationally acclaimed tea, and the unique Toy Train. Darjeeling is well-known for its essence of educational excellence. Majority of the ‘best schools in Darjeeling’ were constructed by the British during Colonial reign. It is the alumni from these ‘schools of Darjeeling’ who stand as ideal citizens of the community. The charming Himalayan town accommodates a number of schools and institutions, amongst which we’re providing the highly recommended ‘list of schools names & addresses in Darjeeling’.

1. Mount Hermon School, Darjeeling

Established on 11th March 1895, Mount Hermon School is a co-educational Christian boarding school in Darjeeling. The school is affiliated to ICSE and ISC board. Unlike the other schools that follow the British educational style, the school follows the American education style. It is a private educational institution with the motto “Non Scholæ Sed Vitæ Discimus” meaning which means “We do not learn for school, but for life”

Address: Darjeeling North Point School Alumni Association, main building, St.Joseph School, Lebong Cart Rd, Singamari, Darjeeling, 734104

2. St. Joseph’s School, Darjeeling

St. Joseph’s School is one of the ‘best schools in Darjeeling’. Also widely known as North Point School, it is founded in 1888 by Henri Depelchin. It is a private institution owned and maintained by the Jesuits. Originally, the school was called St. Joseph’s College. Later when the College section was segregated from the School it attained the title of school. The school accommodates 1,220 students with the motto “Sursum Corda”(Latin) meaning “Lift up your hearts” or literally, “Lifted hearts”.

Address: Singamari, North Point, Darjeeling, 734104

3. St. Paul’s School, Darjeeling

Established by Rector Joy Halder in 1823, St. Paul’s School is an independent boarding school in Darjeeling for boys. The school is known for the tasteful architectural features and has been featured in the majority of the scenes in the Bollywood film starting Sharrukh Khan & Sushmita Sen (Main Hoon Naa). St. Paul’s School follows the ICSE board till class X and ISC for the XI-XII standards. Every September the entrance tests are held for admission. The school accommodates 500 students with the motto “Moniti Meliora Sequamur” (Latin) meaning “Having been advised, let us follow higher things”

Address: Jalapahar, Darjeeling, 734103

4. Loreto Convent, Darjeeling

Loreto Convent is an English-medium girls’ high school. It secures the highest positions amongst the ‘list of Schools in Darjeeling’. It is an Independent school established in the year 1846 by the Sisters of Loreto with an intention to provide quality education. The school follows the ICSE and ISC boards of Delhi. Loreto Convent accommodates 590 students and 102 faculty members with the motto “Maria Regina Angelorum Cruci Dum Spiro Fido” meaning ” While I live, I believe in the Cross”.

Address: Lebong Cart Rd, Chauk Bazaar, Darjeeling, 734101

5. St. Robert’s Higher Secondary School

St. Roberts School is one of top-notch higher secondary school for boys in Darjeeling. It was established in the year 1934. The school was named after the great 15th Century scholar, Saint Robert Bellarmine. The school follows the state board education pattern, i.e., West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. The school has classes from V-XII with Science and Arts streams in class XI. St. Roberts’s Higher Secondary School is run by missionaries and is financed by the government. The motto of the school is “Ad Maiora” meaning “Toward Greater Things”.

Address: 13, Doctor Yen Singh Road, Chauk Bazaar, Darjeeling, 734101

6. St. Teresa Girls’ High School

St. Teresa Girls’ High School is established by the by the Roman Catholic Nuns for the purpose of an excellent education. The schools rank as one of the ‘best schools In Darjeeling’. It is affiliated to the state board, that is., West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. St. Teresa Girls’ High School stands for educational excellence, character development, skill improvement, love of God and the selfless service of people.

Address: Chauk Bazaar, Darjeeling, 734101

7. RKSP Boys’ High School

R.K.S.P. or, Ramakrishna Siksha Parisad Boy’s Higher Secondary School ranks at a good position amongst the ‘list of schools in Darjeeling’. It was founded by the famous educationist Swami Prabhudananda in the year 1944. R.K.S.P. is affiliated to the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education and West Bengal Board of Higher Secondary Education. The schools have Arts, Commerce, and Science streams in the XI-XII standard along with Computer Application as one of the core subjects approved by the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education.

Address: Hooker Rd, North Point, Singtam Tea Garden, Darjeeling- 734104

8. Maharani Girls’ High School, Darjeeling

Established in the year 1908, Maharani Girls High School is a Higher Secondary school in Darjeeling. It was founded by the Hemlata Sarkar the daughter of the Brahmo reformist Sivanath Sastri. She got the help of Maharani Suniti Devi of Koch Bihar and her sister, the Maharani Sucharu Devi of Mayurbhanj. The School was funded by the Maharanis and hence it was called Maharani Girls’ School. In the year 1911, the school was upgraded to a high school and is now affiliated to West Bengal Board of Secondary Education.

Address: Limbugaon, Darjeeling, West Bengal 734101

9. Ghoom Boys Higher Secondary School

Ghoom Boys Higher Secondary School is one of the renowned institutions and one of the oldest ‘best schools in Darjeeling’. Founded in the year 1910, Ghoom Boys Higher Secondary School is the first Higher Secondary School to be established in the entire Darjeeling. It is based extremely close to Ghoom Town, Darjeeling and hence named as Ghoom Boys School. The school follows the state board educational pattern and is known not only for the educational excellence but also for the all-round activities.

Address: Ghoom, Darjeeling 734102

10. St. Michael’s Higher Secondary School

St Michael ’s School was founded by Fr Michael Mcdonough in the year 1925. Initially, the school was commenced as a Primary school which was intended to render basic education to the local children, irrespective of gender, caste, creed, religion or, beliefs. St. Michael is Christened after its founder Fr Michael Mcdonough. It was approved as a Junior High School on 23rd February 1979 and in the year 1981, XI standard was added with the consent from the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education Department. I the year 1982, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny took the responsibility of managing the school from the Jesuits. The School accommodates 1, 085 students and is affiliated to West Bengal Board of Secondary Education.

Address: North Point, Darjeeling, West Bengal 734104

Besides, the mentioned above Schools there is a long ‘list of Schools in Darjeeling’ region. Due to the ideal weather like that of Europe, Darjeeling became the most preferred hubs to the British Colonist. However, their settlement in the region not only became a boon for the tea industry, transport, and tourism but also became advantageous as British established educational institutions in the region. Today, ‘schools in Darjeeling’ are reputed for the educational excellence throughout the country.

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