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Words, books, reading are synonyms of our next Rising Star, Simran Dalai 2nd year Media student of Inspira Knowledge Campus. She is very passionate about writing and has been writing since class six. She had been the face of her school Gyanoday, where she started her role as a leader. Being the House prefect and editor of the school magazine gave her the first taste of leadership. Her dad wanted her to be a medical student, but it was not her cup of tea, she was more inclined to English language and wanted to pursue the same. But lady luck brought her to Inspiria where life took a positive change.

As a media science student, Simran has realized that her forte is Public Relations. She wants to pursue Public Relations as a profession because she finds life and meaning in the views and opinions of other people. At present, her aim is to make her father proud by doing something and proving herself. As life has given her a second chance, she feels that everyone should be given one too, but does not appreciate the people who don’t make use of it. How old or young, whatever hardships you have faced, you should not give up but grab that second chance and move forward in life.

Simran Dalai interacting with a speaker at Inspiring leaders talk 2018

She is like a drop of Sunshine who can motivate the people around her and spread happiness. She wants to create some kind of change in society through her words. She believes even though in India people don’t value the power of words, she still can make some contributions through her words.

Her role models are people around her, she feels that if a person can not impact you on an everyday basis they can’t be called a role model. Her role model is her mother whom She absolutely adores and to whom she looks up to.

Her dream is to travel the world, meet new people. The concept of settling down is not part of her rule book. So traveling for her is the salt of life. Meeting random people, talking to them, learning their custom and experiencing life in a different perspective. She believes in living every single day, taking things as it comes along.

A dreamer, philosopher and one who believes in the power of words Simran Dalai Inspiria is proud to be one of your destination among all your destinations in life.

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