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Inspiria Knowledge Campus was a proud partner and sponsor of a very unique event called Social Media in Photography, held recently at Kolkata – on the 30th and 31st August, 2014 in the campus of Institute Of Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Development (iLead)

The event began on 30th August 2014, where budding photographers started to come in ahead of time. The whole event was designed tactically to have an all-round development for photographers starting from the basics, to street photography, blogging, self-promotion and marketing.

On the first day the event started with a session on basics of photography by Apratim Saha (a renowned photographer from Siliguri and member of National Geographic Stock Photography and Getty Images) where he gave a brief on the history of photography, the make of a camera, the different lens, rules of composition and framing etc. The first half of the event ended with the “Jomiye Adda” Session, where photographers like Soumya Shankar Ghosal, Lopamudra Talukdar, Apratim Saha displayed their photographic journey and attended a question answer round from the audience. The “Jomiye Adda” Session also had the renowned celebrity photographer Mr. Hari Menon, a professional travel photographer from the south.

The second half of the event was on Photo-Blogging where Mr. Rangan Dutta (one of the leading bloggers from Kolkata and also a member of the Kolkata Wikipedia chapter) and Sourav Ghosh (engineer turned entrepreneur and an accomplished Social Media Marketer) had an interactive session with the audience.

On the second day Inspiria Knowledge Campus had a session with the participants regarding the initiative “1001 things about North Bengal, North East India and Bhutan”. We requested all the photographers to contribute in this initiative to build the biggest repository of photos in this region. This is going to be a great chance for the photographers to showcase their photos and be a part of Inspiria has already booked a domain “” and is also planning to publish a series of Coffee Table Books which would be sold. So all the photographers can reap benefits from its success.

Here’s an overview to Inspiria’s 1001 Things initiative (with details on how and where to submit photos) :

There were other sessions on the second day like:

• Street Photography Session by Soumya Shankar Ghosal
• “Jomiye Adda” with Sayantan Mitra (one of the best food photographer based in Kolkata), Srivatsan Sankaran (a street photographer and a techie by profession based in Chennai), Debarshi Dutta Gupta (respected name in Indian Photography Circuit) and Neelutpal Das (Advertisement Photographer).
• Personal Branding for Photographers in Social Media by Suprit Patra (Lead Strategist, Brand Manager), Saptarshi Roy Chaudhury(a digital marketing professional, VP Marketing for PurpleTalk) and Ajissac Mathew(co-founder, Techshu).

The event was a real big success. The Meetup Group led by Anirban Saha plans to do the same event next year.

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