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Introducing ASK Inspiria – The Platform for all your queries!

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This is the age of information its is said. Indeed, with all the wonderful communication devices like smart phones, tablets, notebooks and laptops in the public domain, getting the information you want should be a matter of a few minutes! And yet the ordinary public including students, housewives, government employees and even patients in hospitals seem to be at a loss for information (or the lack of it!). Every big organization or government department have contact information such as phone numbers and site urls. However most of them are not updated and calls are either not answered or met with

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The First Month

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Converting a Dream into Reality The founders of Inspiria Knowledge Campus wished to set up a world-class educational institution! Initially it was an idea, nothing more. Slowly and gradually the idea began to turn to reality as the magnificent campus eventually began to take shape. Soon, at the beginning of this year, we were all set to start. Affiliations and other necessary formalities followed and by June the first students enrolled themselves. At the end of July the excitement in the campus was palpable. The die was cast and on the 3rd of August the classes began. The dream was

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Amit Agarwal – The Entrepreneur in the Making

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Generally, a student completes college, gets a degree and looks for a job. If he is a bright student with a good degree under his belt from a renowned institution, he gets the job in quick time. Otherwise it may take longer. However there are some really hard working, innovative students who plan and begin their careers even as they study. Amit Agarwal, a first sem student of BBA at Inspiria Knowledge Campus is one such student. Amit is energetic, full of ideas and loves to work hard and take risks as well. Amit is the next student to be

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Why BBA from Inspiria Knowledge Campus?

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BBA (Bachelors in Business Administration) is one of the most sought after career option for someone looking to get into management. This course is three year degree course at the under graduate level where in one will be taught in depth knowledge and skills of International Business, Marketing, Human Resource, Finance, Information System and Insurance. Students opting for BBA will enhance their managerial and business skills more over they will also be able to strengthen their communication, Entrepreneurial and technological skills on completion of the degree. Primary focus will be more on core field of Management, Finance and Human Resource,

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