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Generally, a student completes college, gets a degree and looks for a job. If he is a bright student with a good degree under his belt from a renowned institution, he gets the job in quick time. Otherwise it may take longer.

However there are some really hard working, innovative students who plan and begin their careers even as they study. Amit Agarwal, a first sem student of BBA at Inspiria Knowledge Campus is one such student. Amit is energetic, full of ideas and loves to work hard and take risks as well.

Amit is the next student to be featured in our ‘Rising Star’ series. The satisfaction that he gets from tackling difficult situations is what keeps him going. He is a dare-devil who originally belongs to the Pink City – Jaipur.. He would love to go into adventure biking but is waiting for the family approval to be one. He is a lover of music and has a passion for drawing and painting.

More than that Amit Agarwal is already an entrepreneur. He owns and runs the Serinity Gift Shop in Siliguri where customizes gifts are sold. He started with his first sale of Rs.80 and has now signed up an MOU with Sri Shyamashis Printers. His motto is “customers first, profits second”. The signing of the MOU was a moment in his life that he cherishes.

Inspiria is proud to have a student like Amit. We have our best wishes for his future.

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