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How Inspiria is Transforming Education through Technology!

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The incorporation of technology into education helps students to experience a more holistic and richer approach to learning. Open source software combined with cloud computing provides more flexibility and power to the students to manage their studies efficiently. At Inspiria, we provide the best of the possible technological environment so that the students can experience the best in learning and teaching practices. 1.Bringing concept to life with Open Source Technologies: High-end computing laboratories with Linux OS provides a platform for the students to explore the power of the open source software paradigm. Linux offers more flexibility for computer application students

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Inspiria now powered by Google Apps

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Change, they say, is the only thing permanent! With each passing minute, the river flows, changes tracks, the winds erase the footprints, the child grows as life is celebrated in our majestic world. So too must man change – in his outer manifestations if not in respect of his core values which of course are eternal! Digitization is the biggest change being witnessed in our times. Only a decade and a half back, we used pens to wire, a camera to click photos, a cassette and video player to listen to songs or watch movies and a TV set to

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