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Payal Agarwal – Busy for All Seasons

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Dear students and all others who keenly participated in our Inspiring Story Series, thank you for your tremendous response. It was great to run this weekly event where everyone got an opportunity to interact with some unique individuals whose inspiring life experiences made a deep mark in our minds. We are drawing towards the close of our first series but we assure we shall be back with the programme in the next academic season. This week, for the 8th Inspiring Inspiria event, we will be hosting a lady entrepreneur whose varied experiences will surely draw the interest of all present.

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Converting Failure into Success

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Avijit Das shares his unique journey to success! After weeks of continuous rains, a bright, sunny morning greeted us at Inspiria Knowledge Campus as we waited for the seventh session of Inspiring Story Series. The students had assembled in good number and there was a buzz of enthusiasm in the air as the speaker on the occasion Mr. Avijit Das, the CEO of Disha Web Experts took centre-stage. How failure can be made the foundation of success! This was the theme Avijit dwelt on, narrating his own life story in the process. It was soon apparent that Avijit was a

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When Failure is the Pillar of Success

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The Amazing Story of Avijit Das What typically happens if for some reason or the other you happen to do badly in your exams? Worse still when you fail altogether? The first reaction is that of sympathy to be followed up by dismissal. The collective feedback is that you’re a “gone case”, and there is no hope for you, so better go and become a door-to-door salesman! Not the ideal way to stand by someone in distress but that’s the way it’s has always been in our society (and if you ask me in most societies across the world!). Bus

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Sangeeta Reddy: A Relentless Struggle for Success

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The Entrepreneur Who Fought All Odds! The sixth session of Inspiring Story Series saw an empowering talk from the Director of Reddy Health Care Pvt Ltd., Mrs. Sangeeta Reddy. She spoke about her life experience which was very enthralling. She had to give up her dream of becoming a lawyer at a very young age because the society in which she lived did not think that it was apt career for a girl to become a professional lawyer. In fact right from her childhood Mrs Reddy had to sacrifice many things for her family. But she did not lose hope

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Sangeeta Reddy – A Woman And An Entrepreneur

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In an era where empowerment of women is a much debated issue, we often come across women entrepreneurs who have successfully carved independent careers. For our 6th session of Inspiring Story Series at Inspiria on July 18, it is a pleasure for us to introduce a women entrepreneur who has the confidence and ability to undertake in-depth analysis and take decisions at crucial junctures. Mrs.Sangeeta Reddy, director of Reddy Health Care Pvt. Ltd believes that she is the face of her organization and on her shoulder rests the responsibility of meeting the short and long-term goals of her organization. She