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Abhishek Rungta – A man who converted his fascination to a career

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It was a lot of excitement at Inspiria Knowledge Campus on the 15th of August with the Independence Day celebration and the finale of Inspiring Story Series. The occasion was also graced by few other previous speakers of the Inspiring Story Series. The finale of Inspiring Story Series was honored by the presence of Mr. Abhishek Rungta, Founder & CEO of Indus Net Technologies Kolkata & started with a tribute to Late Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam. Mr. Rungta’s narration of his story was like watching a movie trailer. He explained the need of digital marketing with live examples from his

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Inspiring Story Series Finale with Abhishek Rungta

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The journey of Inspiring Story Series began with Mr.Shreyans Bhandari “a man with the mission”, a very young entrepreneur with a vision. It was an eventful journey for Inspiring Story Series. Many young inspiring young entrepreneurs from North Bengal visited the campus and motivated the students to follow their dreams. The aim of the series was truly meet by all the great people who visited us. Like the icing on the cake to end this session, we have Mr. Abhishek Rungta from Kolkata as the tenth speaker of this series. He is a man who has converted his fascination for

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Manish Agarwal – “The man who means real business”

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A man who believes that “the only limit that exist are the ones that we create” Mr. Manish Agarwal was the speaker of the 9th session of Inspiring Story Series. Avery demonstrative approach was used by him to speak about the basic essentials of business & facet of life such as planning, teamwork, & motivation. According to him it is not enough to have goals but mandatory to have ‘smart goals’. The students very quickly related to his way of approach to business. It was a very interactive session where he cleared all the queries of the students. His story

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Journey From a Garment Manufacturer To a Computer Programmer

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The 9th speaker for the Inspiring Story Series is a person who believes in the power of dreams, planning big, setting goals and working as a team to achieve and surpass the goals. An alumni of Don Bosco Mr.Manish Agarwal a businessman from Siliguri firmly believes that “the only limit that exist are the ones that we create”. He is presently the member of Round Table India and Lions Club of Siliguri Terai well known for its Blood bank and 2 immunization centers which are doing selfless service for over 20 years. He started his career as a garment manufacturer

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Payal Agarwal : The Persona of Will Power

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Payal Agarwal the Managing Director of Festoyer, The Banquet was the speaker for the 8th session of Inspiring Story Series. The young and vibrant entrepreneur captivated the hearts of the listeners. Her persuasive attitude toward her career was something to be spoken off. For a person who have not had any formal education to reach this level of success is praiseworthy. She said that experience was her teacher and it was her willpower to follow her heart that had got her to this level. Being a woman who was married at a very young age and forced to be a

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