Bikash Mittal – The Phlegmatic Entrepreneur

The ever enthusiastic and vibrant youngster in Inspiria Knowledge Campus, Bikash Mittal, a student of BBA, is the next to be featured in our ‘Rising Star’ series. An unsophisticated person who has his own unique way of dealing with things around him is always active and ready to do anything for others. He an active […]

Avik Agarwal – Entrepreneur in the making!

Avik as his name suggest does not fear the obstacles that come his way. He is the native of Siliguri and the first year BBA student of Inspiria Knowledge Campus. If asked to describe him we can say that he is lazy, shy, friendly, moody and a foodie person. He is a fun loving person […]

Vedant Bajaj – Entrepreneur with a different outlook

All great things start from something simple. Vedant Bajaj a very modest and simple person with high ambition in life, is into tea business. ‘Kesarbari Chai’ the brand name of his tea, of which they are into blending and packing. Vedant Bajaj in partnership with his cousin Ashis Agarwal is managing the tea business. His […]

Madhukar Pradhan – Born to be a performer

Madhukar Pradhan can be easily described as a youngster who is born to perform. Music is his world, every minute of his day is spent well with music. His love for singing started in grade 2 when he got the 3rd prize for a singing competition. As a Bosconian his passion for singing started by […]

Amit Agarwal – The Entrepreneur in the Making


Generally, a student completes college, gets a degree and looks for a job. If he is a bright student with a good degree under his belt from a renowned institution, he gets the job in quick time. Otherwise it may take longer. However there are some really hard working, innovative students who plan and begin […]

Mayank Agarwal – A Topper in our Midst

As promised, Inspiria Knowledge Campus has come up with an initiative called “Rising Star” – An initiative to reward the talented ones!. In this series we will be focusing on some of the potential talents that Inspiria Knowledge Campus has among its first batch students. Recognizing talent, giving them that extra push followed and healthy […]