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Madhukar Pradhan can be easily described as a youngster who is born to perform. Music is his world, every minute of his day is spent well with music. His love for singing started in grade 2 when he got the 3rd prize for a singing competition.

As a Bosconian his passion for singing started by singing the hymns in school and later on by singing bhajans and keertanas. Madhukar was trained by Master Yuvraj and Bharat Sir in the Indian Classical genre.


Madhukar during his rap performance at Inspria

It was during his vacation after class twelve that he and his friend Nugen Prince Sherppa decide to work together to follow their dream. He is the lead singer of his band called “MadNug” and also recorded a song named “Taken (by your love)”. At this very young age he has started writing his own songs and composing them.

(“Taken” by Madhukar Pradhan on Soundcloud)

Being a good singer his aim in life is to change the music scenario in India. Representing the young generation he feels that, in India people blindly follow musicians who are not good enough and people who really need to be recognised should be given their share of appreciation. Madhukar plans to do at least a single every two months, and at a later stage to come out with an album of five songs His desire is to become a Pop Singer and enjoy the lifestyle that come with it.

His voice is such that it has the power to attract and sooth the mind. 

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  1. Awesome, i heard the song he is a rock star in the making. Inspiria will help you connect and grow with the talent and interest. The rising star is one of the ways we do it.

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