Spongecake | Inspiria Weekly Menu

For this week, we prepared Spongecake which is based on flour, sugar and eggs with the addition of baking powder.It is thought to be one of the first non-yeasted cakes. Spongecake getting baked in container The process is very simple wherein the eggs is beaten with sugar, flour folded and baked. We prepared vanilla sponge […]

Creme A’la Crecy | French Dish

This week, the menu for Inspiria Production Class are: Creme A’la Crecy Poulet Saute Chasseur Pommes Fondant Grilled Courgette Raw vegetables for the dish A’la refers to “the style of” and crecy refers to carrots. Thus it was creme of carrots for soup with the addition of orange juice to balance the sweetness of carrot. […]

Fried Chicken with Pepper Sauce

Fried Chicken with Pepper Sauce: Inspiria Fried chicken Menu of the Week: Fried Chicken with Pepper-Sauce and Honey Glazed Carrots In French, Dame Blanche refers to a white lady and in culinary term it generally refers to a dessert made of ice cream and whipped cream. To make the Veloute Dame Blanche the chicken quenelles […]