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This is the age of information its is said. Indeed, with all the wonderful communication devices like smart phones, tablets, notebooks and laptops in the public domain, getting the information you want should be a matter of a few minutes! And yet the ordinary public including students, housewives, government employees and even patients in hospitals […]

Workshop on Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking at Inspiria, Siliguri

Inspiria Knowledge Campus brings you Workshop on Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking in association with ISOAH (Indian School of Anti Hacking) suitable for everyone, ranging from newbies to advance techies. This workshop is designed to provide you with all the adequate knowledge to the aspiring Hacking and Information Security geeks. Workshop Highlights About The Trainer […]

World Photography Day, Celebrate World Photography Day

World Photography Day : It is rightly said that “A Photograph is worth a thousand words.” A Photograph captures not only the emotions, excitement, people, place but most importantly it captures that particular moment which will never come back again. And today is its day, yes photographers around the globe are celebrating “World Photography Day”. It marks the 176th […]

Inspiria ERP is powered by Fedena

The education environment is changing; at a faster pace; new and advanced methods of learning have replaced the traditional forms. To keep up with the changing face of education, institutions have to be smart with the management part as well. At Inspiria, we believe in taking the conventional education system to a whole new level […]

World Programmers’ Day, 2014

Programmers’ Day is an international professional day recognized in many technology companies and programming firms.

Future of e-Learning

This groundbreaking Ed-tech study examines the way that modern technology is bringing remarkable innovation

Epic Stories with Small Photographic Equipment

With the advent of science and technology across the globe exciting developments have taken place in the camera technology which has put the professional and amateur wildlife photographers on equal and level playing field. With the small spy cameras, camera traps technology in wildlife film-making now pictures can be taken scanned in 3-Dimensional instead of […]