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Introducing ASK Inspiria – The Platform for all your queries!

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This is the age of information its is said. Indeed, with all the wonderful communication devices like smart phones, tablets, notebooks and laptops in the public domain, getting the information you want should be a matter of a few minutes! And yet the ordinary public including students, housewives, government employees and even patients in hospitals seem to be at a loss for information (or the lack of it!). Every big organization or government department have contact information such as phone numbers and site urls. However most of them are not updated and calls are either not answered or met with

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A Programme on Child Health at Inspiria

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Eminent physicians of Siliguri address issues related to pediatrics Pediatric health acquires special significance as only a healthy baby can grow into a strong and fit adult. However while parents are keen to take their children to a doctor when ill, what is often missed out are routine health checks that are so necessary to keep a tab on the child's growth and development. What is required is greater awareness on the subject in order to ensure that child health is not neglected or taken for granted by parents and guardians. To spread awareness on various aspects of pediatric tratment,

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Amit Agarwal – The Entrepreneur in the Making

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Generally, a student completes college, gets a degree and looks for a job. If he is a bright student with a good degree under his belt from a renowned institution, he gets the job in quick time. Otherwise it may take longer. However there are some really hard working, innovative students who plan and begin their careers even as they study. Amit Agarwal, a first sem student of BBA at Inspiria Knowledge Campus is one such student. Amit is energetic, full of ideas and loves to work hard and take risks as well. Amit is the next student to be

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324th Birthday of the City of Joy – Kolkata

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Kolkata, known historically as Calcutta is the capital of the Indian State of West Bengal. It is located on the east bank of river Hooghly. The city was a colonial city developed by the British East India Company and then by the British Empire. As per convention, the city’s birthday is celebrated on August 24th each year considering its foundation by Charnock, a British Merchant in 1690. The birthday celebration day of the City of Joy, Kolkata has divided the historians who have different views about it. Kolkata is a heritage city with famous monuments such as the landmark Victoria

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