Pros & Cons of Social Media In Education

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One of the major factors of our life that got affected is our education, knowing that the majority of the social media users globally, range from the age of 14-29 AKA school years more or less. Though we all might assume that the effect is one sided, but it seems that social media has done as much good as bad to our educational structure.

Positive Impacts:

Social media did make the world a smaller place, now we have more information, more knowledge, and have better opportunities to use it. Social media improved our ability to absorb information, what would have seemed to be over whelming to someone 20 years ago is normal to us, we have an extreme ease in processing and we are evolving quickly. Students got closer to art and design, and are exposed continuously to new ideas, and are given a big chance to feed their creativity. Social media helped students have a better direction of what they want, now they have ease of reaching to mentors in the same industry and people already working in their dream company, and get a taste of what it is like, which was quite impossible for students 10 years ago. Talents got discovered faster, students who were good at programming got their name out their easily, student who were good in music, got their videos out and shared leading them to their dreams. Google has helped over 20 million student in their education using their tools. A lot of the students were able to inform public about their issues – using social media which brought awareness and helped solve a lot of problems.

Negative Impacts:

  • Students are having a harder time getting to communicate face to face with people, and are losing their people skills, due to that they are spending more and more time talking from behind a screen.
  • The attention to details, attention to pronunciation and grammar, has declined drastically, due to that most of the communication that happens online is not proper.
  • Our ability to retain information has decreased, and the willingness to spend more time researching and looking up good information has reduced, due the fact that we got used to the ease of accessibility to information on social media.
  • Social Media had become a major distraction to students, causing the overall performance of students to decline, especially the ones who tend to check their Facebook and Twitter while studying.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn: The Pros And Cons Of Social Media In Education

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