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Lockdown in many ways have ushered in possibilities that otherwise had not been explored before. Who knew that the Gavel fraternity across India will join hands to express their solidarity in a manner that is commendable.

For the first ever Inspiria Gavels Club and New Delhi Gavels club had its joint session on 18th April, Saturday.

This was Inspiria Gavels Club’s 18th session and New Delhi Gavels Club’s 289th Session. Like other regular sessions this session was also divided into three segments.
First round starts with “Featured Speakers” which is a format where three members deliver a prepared speech of 5-7 minutes.

In this session all the speakers had their ice breaker speech hence it was for 4-6 min.
Gavelier representing Inspiria Gavels Club was Tamanna Chatterjee. Her speech impressed everyone. She delivered the speech with such confidence that it did not seem if it were her first speech ever. She had prepared well and covered most of the aspects that she intended her team members should know about her.

We learned that she is a helpful person by nature and loves to sing and dance. She is inspired by her mother and takes her as her role model.

Gavelier Jugaad participated in the table topic speech and spoke on this current situation in the lockdown period and how he is keeping a positive attitude to swim through these tough days. He motivated all the Gaveliers to keep up the spirit and be brave to face the situation.

There was a 10 min session by Toastmaster Ajit from New Delhi Toastmasters Club on the importance of storytelling in a speech. It was enriching and Gaveliers must have had their take on it. Surely everyone will definitely use this as a way of delivering a good speech.

It was a great opportunity to witness and learn how independently Gavliers of New Delhi Gavels Club function. All the Gaveliers were enthusiastic to participate in impromptu speech which otherwise is still considered to be the toughest part of the session.

Finally the session concluded with an evaluation round where Gavelier Tamanna received her feedback on her speech in the format of “Recommendation, commendation and recommendation”. I am sure she values it and will work upon the improvements suggested to her and keep strengthening the skills that she possesses.

It was indeed a great session and I look forward to many more associations.
Thank you Mr. Hemant Sood, Club Counselor of New Delhi Gavels Club for your support

About Inspiria Gavel Club –
Inspiria Gavel Club is an endeavor by Inspiria Toastmasters Club. The Club is exclusively established for the candidates below 18 years, seeking to be a part of the prestigious platform of Inspiria toastmasters club.

How to join Inspiria Gavel Club?
Anyone willing to be a part of Gavels Club may contact Ms. Geetanjali Rathore | geetanjali.r@inspiria.edu.in

For any assistance or help regarding counselling please feel free to contact us anytime at +91-8900755550. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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