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As the name suggest Abhinav meaning unique our next feature for Rising Star is a student of the Department of Media Science. Walking in the darkness with the hope for sunshine has always been his path. For him, every day is a new day carrying the same hope and efforts for enlightenment. Being a fighter he likes to fight it out in difficult situations and that makes him a stronger person. Abhinav is a very down to earth person whose aim four years back was to become a famous cricketer but as his family was not supportive he could not choose that path of success. He has played many school level matches and as we have seen at Inspiria during friendly matches his strikes are awesome. He is a great cricketer who has talents as a batsman and a bowler. He is not only a great cricketer but also a carrom player for which he has achieved many medals and certificates.

Abjhinav during fashion show at Insvaganza 17

He feels his biggest achievements is being called MJ ( Michael Jackson – the Legend). The story behind being called MJ is, he had once performed in a show called “BE-BUZZ”, where he performed Lyrical- Hip Hop + MJ and bagged the second position. From then on he is addressed as “Michael Bhaiya”. He has been following MJ from the age of nine, his moves and style were gradually engraved into Abhinav. He is a great follower of MJ, Dharmesh & Raghav – the slow motion king of the dance world. He had even auditioned for Dance India Dance- Season 5, but could not make it through to the third round. One of his most cherished dancing opportunity was when he was given the chance to welcome Mr.Rannvijay Singh on to the stage through his dance moves and then to dance with Rannvijay himself at Insvaganza 2017.

Abhinav sharing stage with Rannvijay Singh

Being such a talented person he is pursuing Media Science with the intention of making it into the Filmmaking industry. Being successful to him is when he can support a boy from a poor family to become a renowned cricketer. He is an ardent follower of his father’s advice, never to outlive humbleness by pride.

“I smile in every good and bad situation,
I smile in my defeat,
I smile in my victory,
as I celebrate both equally”

And this is what Abhinav Kumar Das is all about.

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