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Simran Dalai – The Dialectician

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Words, books, reading are synonyms of our next Rising Star, Simran Dalai 2nd year Media student of Inspira Knowledge Campus. She is very passionate about writing and has been writing since class six. She had been the face of her school Gyanoday, where she started her role as a leader. Being the House prefect and editor of the school magazine gave her the first taste of leadership. Her dad wanted her to be a medical student, but it was not her cup of tea, she was more inclined to English language and wanted to pursue the same. But lady luck

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Beauty Khatoon – The Purposive

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Beauty Khatoon a simple girl, from a small town Jaigaon who has a clear purpose in life is our next feature for Rising Star. Well she is the lucky one in her family, who got the opportunity to pursue her higher education. Presently she is doing her final year of Bachelor of Computer Application. Her purpose in working hard is to prove to her family that girls can also be successful in life. Even in this era we have people who feel that it is not necessary for a girl child to study, well she is from such a family.

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Nitin Joseph – The Adroit

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Dancing, singing, ramp walk, theatre, cooking, you name it he is ready to try his hands at anything. Nitin Joseph second year student of the Department of Hospitality Management is our next feature for the Rising Star series. As a child, his dream was to become a dancer, as there was no support from the family he had to let go of this dream. Being a very positive person this phase of his life did not stop him from trying the next best thing that was close to his heart, “singing”. Born into a family with lots of singers it

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Purajit Mandal – The Alpinist

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Purajit Mandal, a tramper, has a basket full of talents in various capacity. A self driven person who likes to try his hand at everything, believes that one time life is to be explored. He has shown his skills in the field of fine arts, creative craft, music and adventure activities. His fingers have the ability to create wonders in all these fields. Along with his studies he has also done a basic mountaineering course from Asia’s oldest Institute Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling.   Purajit and team at Mt Renoke   As a part of his training he has climbed

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Nikhil Agarwal – Simple and Confident

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The simple yet confident Nikhil Agarwal is our next feature in Rising Stars. Nikhil had been the school captain in his early years and had a great affinity towards engineering. Being a bright student, Nikhil managed to clear JEE Mains and qualified for pursuing engineering as a career. But misfortune stuck him when his family’s deteriorating financial resources forced him to give up his preferred choice of career. However, Nikhil remained unstoppable. An optimist by heart, Nikhil believes that all that happens is for good and that all dreams, no matter how big can be realized from anywhere. His love

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