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With the world tilting toward digital mediums every second; the growth in the demand for software designing and development professionals is inevitable. This increasing growth of IT industry has created a lot of opportunities for computer graduates in India, and a degree in computer application is your first step toward the evolutionary world of IT.
The Inspiria Knowledge Campus under the affiliation of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology offers a comprehensive course on BCA. The course introduces UG students to the vast field of Computer Science and Information Technology making us one of the top institutes when it comes to BCA courses in Siliguri.

Table of Contents 

  1. Benefits of BCA
  2. Program Overview
  3. Objective
  4. Course Fee
  5. Eligibility
  6. Course Module
  7. Scholarship
  8. Scope Post-BCA
  9. Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of BCA

There are plenty of reasons to opt for BCA courses. As mentioned above the IT sector has skyrocketed in recent years, which has created utmost requirement for skilled professionals to resolve and prevent various problems in the world of information technology. Students with a degree in BCA enjoy the following advantages.

  • BCA is almost equivalent to BTech. Even though BCA is a 3-year program whereas BTech is a 4-year program. 
  • Both the public and private sectors are known to recruit graduates of BCA courses.
  • BCA is a stepping stone to MCA. The master’s degree in computer application not only opeans a portal to advance knowledge in the world of IT but also widens your career opportunities. 
  • A bachelor’s degree in Computer Application makes you proficient in programming languages like C++ and JAVA.

Program overview

BCA course is a 3 – year undergraduate program divided into 6 semesters. It introduces you to the foundational aspects of computer application and information technology. The BCA is nearly equivalent to B.Tech/B.E in Computer Science or Information technology. The added versatility opens many doors for you in the global IT sectors to choose from. One with a BCA degree can opt for Healthcare. IT, finance, software, Education and many more.

The degree imparts knowledge on the basics of computer application and software development. The BCA student covers programing languages like CA++ and JAWA, Networking, UNIX shell programming, and Windows programming amongst others.


  • Familiarise students with the fundamentals of computer science and acquaint them with the growing world of IT.
  • To mould the student into aspiring IT professionals. 
  • Develop essential skills such as programming, communication, teamwork, organization and management. 
  • To inspire and evoke the spirit of IT-based entrepreneurship among the students.


Students seeking admission to BCA courses at Inspiria should have English, Mathematics / Statistics / Business Mathematics/ Computer Application at the 10+2 level.

Course Module

First Semester

Principles of Management (Paper Code BHM-101)

  • English Language & Communication (Paper Code BHM-102)
  • Medical Terminology -I (Paper Code BHM-103)
  • Accounts (Paper Code BHM-104)
  • Hospital & Health System -I (History & Evolution) (Paper Code BHM-105)

Second Semester

  • Computer Architecture and Systems Software (Paper Code BCA-201)
  • Information Systems Analysis & Design (Paper Code BCA-202)
  • Computer Programming (Paper Code BCA-203)
  • Mathematics (Paper Code BM-201)
  • English Language and Communication (Paper Code HU-201)
  • Programming Lab (Visual Basic) (Paper Code BCA-293)
  • Business Presentation and Language Lab (Paper Code HU-291)

Third Semester 

  • Operating Systems (Paper Code BCA-301)
  • Data Structures with C (Paper Code BCA-302)
  • Graphics & Internet (Paper Code BCA-303)
  • Mathematics for Computing (Paper Code BM-301)
  • Management & Accounting (Paper Code BBA-301)
  • Internet & Computer Graphics Lab (Visual Basic) (Paper Code BCA-393)
  • Programming Lab (Data Structure with C) (Paper Code BCA-392)

Fourth Semester

  • Data Base Management System (Paper Code BCA-401)
  • Object-Oriented Programming with C++ (Paper Code BCA-402)
  • Software Project Management and Quality Assurance (Paper Code BCA-403)
  • Statistics, Numerical Methods & Algorithms (Paper Code BM-401)
  • Environment and Ecology (Paper Code HU-401)
  • Database Lab (Oracle) (Paper Code BCA-491)
  • Computing Lab (Paper Code BM-491)

Fifth Semester

  • Data Communication & Computer Networks (Paper Code BCA-501)
  • Unix and Shell Programming (Paper Code BCA-502)
  • Windows Programming (Paper Code BCA-503)
  • Elective 1 (Paper Code BCA-E501/A/B/C)
  • Values and Ethics of Profession (Paper Code HU-501)
  • Unix & Networking (Paper Code BCA-591)
  • Minor Project (Paper Code BCA-592)
  • Industrial Training (Paper Code BCA-593)

Sixth Semester

  • Elective 2 (Paper Code BCA-E601/A/B/C)
  • Elective 3 (Paper Code BCA-E602/A/B/C)
  • Major project (Paper Code BCA-693)
  • Seminar (Paper Code BCA-694)
  • Comprehensive Viva-Voce (Paper Code BCA-695)

Scope post-BCA

Post BCA, you may dive deeper into the subject and opt for post-graduation degrees such as – master’s in Computer Applications (MCA) or a master’s in Business Administration (MBA). Speaking of higher education, let’s look at some post-graduation courses you can opt for.

Masters in Computer Applications: If you wish to specialize in the domain, the next logical step is to go for a master’s degree to get an in-depth knowledge of computer applications. The master’s degree not only gets you a better package but also opeans new doors of opportunity in the world of IT.

Masters in Business Administration: MBA is a two years management degree for developing business and management skills. The subject focuses much on entrepreneurial learning, marketing, human resources learning etc. The MBA course aims to produce trained professionals for effective management in this entrepreneurial world.

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Post-graduate diploma courses: Specialized diploma courses in Cloud Computing, Networking, JAVA  etc. will help you have that little extra edge over other BCA candidates. 

PGDCA: Time constraints students can opt for Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Application. This one-year diploma focuses on advanced development and theoretical knowledge in Computer Science and Computer Application.    


Job opportunities

There are some lucrative career options available for students wanting to explore job opportunities right after BCA in both public and private sectors. BCA is a skill-based career thus finding a job should be breezy compared to academic students like BA and B.Com. Some career options post BCA are as follows: 

Software Developer:

Software developers are the creative mastermind behind computer applications of all sorts. The duty of a software developer primarily consists of writing code to build software as well as adding modifications to the existing one. The software developer is also in charge of monitoring the quality and performance of the applications through regular testing and maintenance.

Network Manager:

Network Manager is an IT professional responsible for the daily performance and availability of companies computer network. Their role also includes monitoring system performance and tracking usage and delivering a detailed analysis of system load, usage and response.

As most organisations are becoming increasingly reliant on technology, this makes Network Manager’s role particularly vital for the smooth running of the business. 

App Developer:

The role of an application developer is to write codes that create fully functioning and flawless software applications as per the client’s requirement. Apart from excellent knowledge of programming languages, an app developer is also expected to have 

creative and innovative thinking. From planning to maintenance, an app developer is indulged in an end-to-end software life cycle. 

Web Developer:

Web developers are responsible for designing and developing a website. Working from the backend, the web developer looks after the technical aspect of the website such as site speed, traffic, identifying bugs etc. Site content that requires technical features is also handled by a web developer. 

Apart from having proficiency in programming languages, an app developer must also be in tune with the latest web application and programming languages.  

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Cyber Security:

As the name suggests a cyber security professional is responsible for providing overall security to the company’s IT system. The role also includes identifying software vulnerabilities and encrypting sensitive information to prevent web abuse. 

Other responsibility includes keeping up to date with the latest security and technology developments, granting access to authorised users, conducting software update and configuring antivirus software and many more.

Job ProfileAnnual Salary
Software Developer₹4,00,000 – ₹5,00,000 per annum  
Network Manager₹4,00,000 – ₹6,00,000 per annum
App Developer₹3,00,000 – ₹4,00,000 per annum
Web Developer₹3,00,000 – ₹4,00,000 per annum
Cyber Security₹3,00,000 – ₹4,00,000 per annum

*Note: The salary may vary depending on candidate and company. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. BCA or BSc, which course is better?

A. BCA is a skill-based course and favourable for getting jobs in the corporate sector; while BSc IT is more suitable for making careers in academia and disciplinary research.

Q. Is Math mandated to apply for BCA?

A. Yes, Math is mandatory to apply for BCA

Q. Can I apply for CA with BCA?

A. Yes. BCA graduates are eligible to apply for the Common Proficiency Test (CPT), which is the entrance test for CA.

Q. Does Amazon hire BCA students?

A. Yes, Amazon along with other leading multinational IT companies like Wipro, Infosys hire BCA students.

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