An Industrial Visit to All India Radio, Kurseong

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Amidst the daily routine of attending classes, the students of Department of Media Science were taken for an insightful trip to All India Radio, Kurseong as a part of their industrial visit, on the 23 rd of July 2018. Located in between the hills with a wonderful Geography, the trip was bound to be eventful, full of fun and frolic.

The main motives behind the trip were:

  • Practical experience of the theoretical knowledge gained.
  • Hands on training of equipments.
  • Real time exposure of national level from colloquial grounds.
  • Inculcating and developing a professional attitude.
  • Motivation and encouragement for broadcast media.

The experience was practically enhancing as the students received knowledge regarding hands on training and live experiences of the working processes of radio. All India Radio being a government set-up, had all the necessities and infrastructural amenities in a volatile location. The trip helped students understand the process of information dissemination nationally. The importance of radio in disseminating information apart from providing relief and relaxation is an integrated characteristic of an organisation like All India Radio. The fact that the students were taken into a restricted zone for a learning process speaks about the necessity of such a learning process.

The trip came to an end and the students returned the same day fulfilling all the objectives. The advantages and disadvantages were taken into account with an overview of the future, where the trip could go better in the upcoming years.

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