B.Sc in Multimedia, Animation and Graphics Design course after class 12

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B.Sc in Multimedia, Animation, and Graphics Design Course merges various features of interactive media, animation with professional expertise, and 2D & 3D art. BMAG or B.Sc in Multimedia, Animation, and Graphic Design is a modern age training and learning course in computer applications. B.Sc in Multimedia, Animation, and Graphic Design Course and Syllabus is drafted to qualify aspiring learners into proficient and skilled professionals in Multimedia, Animation, and Graphic Design.

If you’re planning to build a career in the specified career domain, then a 3-year professional degree course from a recognized institution will certainly help you accomplish your aspirations. Throughout the course, you’ll get hands-on training in modeling, animation, texturing, lighting, 3D designing with Autodesk 3Ds Max and Maya- the leading 3D software tools for experts and professionals.

Eligibility for the B.Sc in Multimedia, Animation, and Graphics Design course: 10+2 passed from a recognized educational board from any stream. Students studying in class 12 are also eligible to apply for the course.

B.Sc in Multimedia, Animation, and Graphics Design course summary

1st Year Course – Subjects Summary- Introduction to Graphic Design, Introduction to Animation, Introduction to Typography, Visual Communication, Introduction to Digital Film Making, 2D Animation Production, Advance Layout, Composition & Typography Introduction to Digital Photography.

2nd Year Course – Subjects Summary- Introduction to Web Design, Multimedia Production, Modeling, Script Writing & Story Board, Texturing, Web Technology and Methods, Introduction to 3D, Lighting & Animation in 3D

3rd Year Course – Subjects Summary- Compositing & Visual Effects, Portfolio Development, 3D Animation Production, Specialization, Internship, Final Project

Practical – Comprehensive practical on Drawing, 2D & 3D animation, Graphics Design Software, VFX and Post Production with software tools like Flash, Photoshop, 3Ds, InDesign, Maya, Max, After Effects, and more as such.

Career prospects for B.Sc in Multimedia, Animation, and Graphics Design course after class 12

3D Modeler

From creating the animation and graphics using the illustration and computer programs to editing the animation, 3D or three-dimensional artists own endless career prospects in comprehensive career domains like media production, research, etc. The job responsibility of 3D artists in creating still or moving 3D productions, creating video games, 3D movies, the creation of 3D images for anatomy for research and diagnostics in the field of medicine, and much more.


Their main role is to work at the end of the production process. A Compositor determines the final model by blending all the elements of previously conceived material. Compositors get materials from multiple sources such as graphics, static background plates, computer animation, live action, special effects, 2D animation, and more as such. Compositor creates convincing models by adding the motion blur, adjusting the lighting and shadows, creating mattes where needed.

Digital Artist

A career as a Digital Artists comes under the comprehensive career category of Animators and Multimedia artists. The Digital Artists produce extraordinary effects, visual images or animations with the help of computers, video, film, and other electronic tools and media for computer games commercial or ads, music videos, etc.

Flash Designer

The job role of flash designers involves creating and publishing the whole websites and incorporating animation to bigger projects. They enhance and optimize the websites by building interactive animation and graphics, combining visuals and sounds to provide visitors a clear experience in improving to providing them with the data presented on the website.

Game Designing

Game designers are the fundamental part of a large team of developers and designers that organize the intricate job of creating a new video game. primarily work with team designing and developing video games. Their responsibility includes designing art, animation, levels, characters, and puzzles. They eve write code utilizing multiple computer programming languages.

Graphics Designing

A graphic designer analyzes design briefs and settles its requirements. Their role further involves scheduling projects and define budget limitations, conceptualize visuals depending upon the necessity. A graphic designer prepares a rough sketch and present ideas, develops illustrations, logos, and other designs employing the software or manually. They ensure the appropriate use of colors and layout for each graphics, working with creative directors and creative writers to produce the final design. They ensure that graphics are visually appealing and on-brand.

Story Board Artist

Story Board Artists are responsible for creating storyboards for films, animated features, TV commercials, video games, music videos, and other Ad Campaigns. It begins with the storyboard artist composing the storyboard based on the concept or once the script has been written. The storyboard is even used for helping with the direction during the production. The storyboard introduces “action” in a series of scenes and that helps permits the producers, filmmakers, and advertisers to assess the project before starting production.

Texturing Artist

Texturing Artists paints the surface textures of the animated characters and environments. The texturing animators work with an endless number of textures such as fur, mud, sweat, scales, wrinkles, etc. In some cases, the texture utilized in the animations can never be found in real life. The texturing artists create or invent their own textures employing his creativity and imagination power.

Web Designing

The responsibility of the web designer involves creating and developing websites and associated applications. A web designer is responsible for creating the layout, appearance, and the features of a website. The job demands in-depth knowledge of computer programming and graphic design. Once the website is built, the designer specializes in the keeping, maintenance, and additions to the website. To keep the website up-to-date, the designers work in collaboration with the development teams.

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