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Study Animation Courses in Siliguri : Animation industry has tremendous and infinite scope for the ones who have a bent for creating unique, convincing, and magical elements. However, the world of animation is seldom confused with cartooning. Cartooning, originally is concerned only with drawing caricatures of characters with oddly sharp details to let the character stir a feeling of comedy.

Contrarily, the animation is the technique of infusing life into those objects. The animation is the process with which lifeless characters are brought to life with the aid of different advanced computer-based sequencing methods. In the world driven by the internet and technology, the global animation industry is flourishing at a rapid movement and as an animation artist, you have a good career prospect both in the country and abroad.

Animation Course in Siliguri

So, if you are looking for Animation Course in Siliguri, Inspiria Knowledge Campus matches your search like a no other! The Campus introduces a three-year degree course in Animation with abundant practical learning comprising of training programs, workshops, seminars, industry visits, and internships. Keep scrolling down to know more about your search and queries before you go anywhere!

Animation Course Eligibility

Candidates who have passed 10+2 from any recognized board with English as a mandatory subject from any stream (arts/science/commerce) can apply. Candidates appearing in the Class XII board finals or awaiting their boar exam results are also eligible to apply.

Animation Course Syllabus Overview

If you want to have a quick glimpse of the course, have a quick look at the topics enlisted below, which will be covered during the respective terms.

Introduction to Design
Design Methodology & Process
Design fundamentals and visual literacy
Drawing fundamentals for Graphic Representation
Digital Design 1 (Illustrator & Photoshop)
Design Project 1 (Typographic Design)

Visual narratives and sequential structure
Materials and process for design production
Fundamentals of digital photography
Advanced drawing for Structural Representation
Digital Design 2 (InDesign & Flash)
Design Project 2 (Visual communication)

Web technology and interactivity
Animation fundamentals and the science of motion
Fundamentals of digital film making
2D Animation Film Making
Digital Design 3 (Dreamweaver & Flash)
Design Project 3 (Web design)

Semester- IV
Animation production process
Script Writing
Storytelling and representing animatic
Portfolio creation and presentation
Digital Design 4 (Aftereffects, premier & audition)
Design Project 4 (Infographics & Motion graphics design)

Semester- V
Advertising & Branding design
Digital Design Sp (Aftereffects & Maya/Photoshop & Flash)
Sp Project A&B

Semester- VI
Specialization A & B
Research project
Demo-real & Portfolio
Final Project

Animation Course Job Prospects-

The creative learning and technical skills achieved in a 3-year animation degree will certainly bring up infinite career opportunities in the film industry and a series of other creative and digital lines. Employment directly associated with Animation Degree Course involves the following.

3D Modeler

3D modelers are highly proficient technical artists that instill life into a 3-D model. They employ a superior level of computer skills and expertise to imbue life and dynamism in an inanimate form or a model.


Compositor forms the final model by merging collections of the elements that are made beforehand. They bring various frameworks and characters into one animation block. Compositors primarily work in the end section of the production method.

Digital Artist

Digital Artist also called as multimedia artists utilize top-notch technology to make their artwork turn alive. Digital artists employ computer software to design 3-D animation, digitally magnified images, interactive website graphics, etc.

Flash designers

Also known as Adobe Flash Designers are the brain behind the improvement and application of interactive, lifelike graphics, and text on websites by employing exceptional digital effects.

Game Designing

Game designers design art, models, characters, puzzles, and animation. Besides they write code, applying different computer programming languages. Their responsibility sometimes involves project administration tasks and examining new versions of video games.

Graphics Designing

The role of a Graphic Designer involves on diverse range and genre- such as magazines, books, websites, posters, advertisings, product packaging, corporate communications, exhibitions & shows. They render visual branding for businesses.

Story Board Artist

Story Board Artist draft storyboards for animated features, TV commercials, films or movies, music videos, other endorsement or ad campaigns, video games, etc. They begin storyboarding once the script is written or once they get a clear idea regarding the story.

Texturing Artist

The number of domains where texture animators work with is limitless- and comprise elements like mud, scales, fur, sweat, moles, wrinkles, etc. Texturing Artist paint surface or the outermost textures on animated models, backgrounds, etc.

Web Designing

A web designer’s main job is to plan and design the layout, looks, and features of a website. The responsibility includes knowing both graphic design and computer programming. A web designer is also responsible for the improvements and maintenance of a thoroughly created website.

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