Animation or Engineering? Which Field Offers Better Scope?

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Suppose, if you are to make a choice between your aspirations and the expectations of the others, what would you choose? You dream of pursuing a career in animation after 12th! But to your utmost dismay, your kin forces you to pursue engineering? The differences between these two fields are extreme and the duo contradicts on a tremendous scale.

The animation requires creativity. It involves the art of breathing life into your creativity. Anyone with sketching and drawing skills with a desire for gaining computer-based skills & techniques can join this field. The animation further requires the ability for character development and the art of storytelling. The industry has tremendous scope for those who have the potential to bring their creativity into lifelike elements. It’s is more inclined to attract or to entertain the spectators with creativity and applied techniques.

Animation further requires good visualization skills and aptitude for using colors. Owing to the multidimensional attributes, the field of animation offers a wide range of careers to explore. The thriving digitization and technologies are generating a wide range of animation career opportunities worldwide. Since its inception, animation has influenced almost every industry. It has paved a boundless career scope for creative minds. Career scope in animation is rapidly increasing due to rising demands. Animation, in fact, emerges the career of our modern times.

Engineering, on the contrary, requires a strong logical and mathematical skills. The field of engineering is set on the development of current conditions. Be it infrastructure, communication, transport, technology, power supply, healthcare treatment facilities, etc. Unlike the experiments conducted inside the labs and modern studios, engineering makes you practically go through diverse learning experiences.

In engineering, experimentation is the essence of design and creation. For instance, when an engineer designs the core features of a mobile phone, the quality can be determined only when the functioning and efficiency of the designs are examined. Basic procedures are performed on certain points to understand how the brand-new concept works in its initial unpolished form. In the engineering field, conventional experimental methods, supplies, and techniques are tried out on the initial stage. The final products are developed with the help of the tests performed on the primary or testing phase.

A host of career opportunities are open in both animation and engineering field. Owing to the diversity, in essence, the field of study & scope, a plethora of opportunities are available in both the private and public sector. Below, we are enlisting popular career options, scopes, and industries related to engineering and animation.

Career Scopes in Engineering

1. Mechanical Engineer
2. Drafting and Design Engineer
3. Civil Engineer
4. Chemical Engineer
5. Audio Engineer
6. Software Engineer
7. Aerospace Engineer
8. Electrical Engineer
9. Agricultural Engineer
10. Environmental Engineer
11. Mining Engineer
12. Geological Engineer
13. Marine Engineer
14. Biomedical Engineer
15. Computer Engineer

Engineering Career Sectors

Aviation Sector
Aerospace IndustryAnimation or Engineering
Automobile Industry
Thermal Power Industry
Oil & Gas Exploration and Refining Industries
Armed Forces
Pharmaceutical Enterprise
Agricultural Sector
Computer Hardware
Information Technology

Engineering focuses on improving structural and functional aspects for ensuring conveniences in day to day life. be it software, infrastructure, transport, etc. The animation, on the other hand, is about exercising your creativity and producing magical, dreamlike elements.

Engineering is focused on a logical and rational approach. The animation is more inclined towards creating visually appealing elements- basically for entertainment, digital promotions, etc. So, here’s the list exhibiting the thriving career scopes in animation, the list of industries that recruit the animation professionals.

Career Scopes in Animation

1. Animator
2. VFX Artist
3. Games Developer
4. Compositing Artists
5. Multimedia Specialist
6. Storyboard Artist
7. Mathematical Modeler
8. Stop Motion Animator
9. Visual Development Artist
10. Effects Animator
11. Film/Video Editor
12. Production Designer – Theatre/TV/Film
13. Animation Director
14. Lighting Technician
15. 2D & 3D Modeler

Animation Career Sectors

Advertising Industry
Film & Television
Game Designing
Animation Movie Production Houses
Information Technology
Digital and Print News Media
Digital Outsourcing Firms

Many times, students give up on their dreams just because their parents want them to be something else. While others surrender to limitations. Remember, never drop your choices and passions for the sake of fueling the stereotypical and biased notions of the majority.

We belong to the ‘age of information’. Everything you need is right at your fingertips. So, ensure to understand yourself. Work on identifying your choices. Do research on the field that you’d like to join. Educate yourself about it. The choices and decisions you make today will determine your tomorrow. So, don’t shrink under the pressure to embrace something on which you’ve never set your heart and mind on to. Be it engineering or animation, painting or psychology, you own your life to choose what you love. You own your dreams and choices to pursue the career paths you’ve aimed.

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