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Career in Animation

In the world of today, the visual effects (VFX) and Virtual Visualisation are rising at a quick rate. The entertainment industries and the big screen get influenced by it in a tremendous way. Thus, a career in the animation field stands as the most preferred one, both in the national and global scale. The course brings a plethora of lucrative career opportunities for the long run. So, if you wish to bring a lifelike element in your creativity, Animation course will be the ideal choice for you.

Successful candidates can start their career in the entertainment industry, advertising agencies, IT Industry. They can either work as a professional for an organization or as a freelancer.

Animation Course Job Opportunities

The 3-year course will enhance both creative and technical skills.
With an Animation Degree Course, you have a wide range of career opportunities available. You can explore a career in the film industry or in various related fields, including the IT sector. Employment associated with Animation Degree Course involves the following.

Texturing Artist

Texturing Artist paint surface or the outermost textures on animated models, backgrounds. The number of domains where texture animators work with is limitless. It includes factors like mud, scales, fur, sweat, moles, and wrinkles.

Story Board Artist

Story Board Artist draft storyboards for animated features. The story-boarding begins once the script gets written or once they get a clear idea about the story. The related field of work is TV commercials, films, music videos, ad campaigns, video games.

Digital Artist

Digital Artist/Multimedia Artists use advanced technology for making their artwork turn alive. They create design 3-D animation, images, interactive website graphics, using a computer application.

3D Modeler

3D modelers are proficient technical artists who breathes-in life into a 3-D model. They use a high level of computer expertise to bring life and dynamism in an inanimate form or a model.


Compositor forms the final model by merging collections of the elements made beforehand. They bring various frameworks and characters into one animation block. Compositors work in the end section of the production method.

Game Designing

Game designers design art, models, characters, puzzles, and animation. Besides they write code, applying different computer programming languages. Their role involves project management tasks and testing new versions of video games.

Flash designers

Flash designers are the brain behind all the digital effects in a creation. They use digital effects to check the quality graphics, texts, the usability of websites.

Graphics Designing

Graphic Designer renders visual branding for businesses. Their area of work includes websites, product packaging, corporate communications, exhibitions & shows. Other are magazines, books, brochures, hoardings, and posters.

Web Designing

A web designer’s main job is to plan and design the layout, looks, and features of a website. The responsibility includes knowing both graphic design and computer programming. A web designer also improves and maintains a created website.

Art Director

They work based on briefs from copywriters and generate ideas to present to the client. They work on designs to produce effective advertising campaigns. Additionally, they work with artists and photographers on various projects.

Animation Course- Eligibility, Admission, Fees

To pursue a career in Animation, you need to have passed 10+2 from a recognized education board with English as one of the major subjects, irrespective of which stream you studied in. If you are waiting for your board exam results, you are also eligible to apply for the Animation Degree Course.

Candidates are even selected on the basis of marks they have obtained in the 10+2 level. Some institutions conduct an entrance test to test the candidate. Once they clear the exam, they are further called for a personal interview.

The fee structure for the Animation Course varies from one institution to the other. Yet, the estimated cost for the entire semesters ranges from 3 lakhs to 12 lakhs.

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