Arms and Ammunition Exhibition, Mallaguri 2014

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The Indian army had organized a mega Arms and Ammunition exhibition on 16 th December at Siliguri Metropolitan Police Campus, Mallaguri Siliguri.
Padmashree Milkha Singh along with West Bengal urban development Minister Firhad Hakim had inaugurated the exhibition.

This exhibition was part of the Siliguri carnival whereby the Indian Army took an initiative to create an awareness about the various arms and ammunition that the army uses for their warfare. It is also a great platform through which the common masses will get to know the Army better.

The army showcased their major arms and combat equipment’s such as Anti-Tank guided missile , Armored recovery vehicle tank T-72M ,Skid Steer loader, Automated Grenade , Rocket launchers, Indian Field Gun, 40mm MGL HEDP, Dragunov sniper rifle.

There were also equipment’s and clothing that are used to equip the Indian soldiers like Thermal Imaging –Integrated Observation equipment, Gas mask, canister, Mobile Integrated Network Terminal vehicle, Battle Field Surveillance Radar.

The crowd were eagerly observing all the arms while the army displayed them with technical details and functionality.
It was really an exhilarating experience for us to have gone there and be among our Indian Army who work tirelessly in order to protect our country.

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