Science Exhibition at North Bengal Science Center, Matigara.

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North Bengal Science Center had organized a popular science exhibition on 16th December 2014 at Matigara.
This Exhibition is one of the events of the week long Siliguri Carnival 2014. The event was organized in order to create awareness about the importance of science and how it affects our lives daily.

Many school children accompanied by their teachers had come from nearby places to the event.
During the exhibition the students actively glanced through the various exhibits and models that were present at the science center.

There was an arrangement for a 3D film show of 20 mins which featured two short films. After the 3D film there was a science show for the audience. During the show there was an individual who showed a few magic tricks that involved the usage of the concept of science. He also called a few participants on to the stage to be a part of few of his presentations. The audience were completed captivated through the show.

There was also an artificial theme forest which was a replication of the major national parks in North Bengal. It contained artificially created animals and forest gave a feel of a real natural environment.
It was great to be part of such exhibition and getting to know more about the new developments and researches that are taking place in the field of science.

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