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Every year there are thousands passing out of high school! With mixed feelings, you bid goodbye to your school life. The occasion is one where you are happy and yet sad. Happy to look forward to a world of opportunities, awaiting the challenge to fulfil your dreams! And sad as your school days are finally over.

Now comes the big decision – what stream do you choose and which college to enrol in? It is indeed a dismal state of affairs in our country that the number of quality institutions of higher learning is few and far between! Most of them are located in the metros and admissions are like a distant dream. While there are some reasonable good colleges in the small cities and district towns, they have unfortunately not moved with the times.

India is changing and changing fast. In the background of such momentous transition, conventional style text-book teaching does not suffice. What is required is a greater focus on flexibility, adaptability and practical insight. In short education must be relevant to the times and task-oriented. One must earn to apply what is taught- to correlate the theoretical with the practical.

At Inspiria this is our main focus. If you look through our brochure (Download it Here) you will realize how our next-generation institution seeks to redefine college education. The virtual paperless working ambience, the labs, the teaching garden, the wi-fi campus – all of these have contributed to the setting up of a truly world-class college, the kind of which you will not see in this part of the country.

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