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Witnessing the last year’s success of Boishaki Bhoj this year the Hospitality Department of Inspiria Knowledge Campus, Siliguri on 14th April 2022 celebrated the occasion of the Bengali New Year with mouth-watering Bengali authentic preparations and traditional decorations of the dining area of the campus. Final year students from hospitality management along with first-years took the initiative to prepare the food to decorate the area till food serving. The lunch menu of that event was planned, starting with Aam Panna followed by Basanti pulao, Cholar dal, Begun Bhaja, Chanar kofta, Katla Kalia, and Tomato Khejur er chutney, and papad.

The entire family of Inspiria was invited along with the Chairman sir Mr. Lal Chand Prasad of the college. The event started with a ribbon-cutting by our chairman sir and the principal of the Institute. Approximately 180 pax was catered by the hospitality management students which includes several eminent personalities from the North Bengal and the students of our college as well. The event was a huge success and everyone went home with a brimming smile and a happy tummy.

Poila Boishakh, primarily called Bengali New Year is one of the most anticipated occasions for Bengalis to spend their day with their friends, families, and loved ones because of the merry and happy vibe that binds the heart of every Bengali individual. It is celebrated on the 15th of April which significantly marks the inception of the first day of the Baishakh month of the lunisolar Bengali calendar. It is regarded as one of the most significant occasions and the enthusiasm and fervor is as the same as the traditional “Durga Puja”. As a matter of fact, this festival also coincides with popular regional events like Baisakhi which is celebrated in Punjab, Bihu celebrated in Assam, and Vishu celebrated in Kerala in which individuals of their respective cultures embrace their traditions and customs. 

Poila Boishakh, for Bengalis, is more than just a festival. It is the essence of being together and celebrating the day with laughter, joy, and immense love. The vibration that resonates with the people on this day is significant because the delicacies and rituals that are mostly prepared at home symbolize the positivity and excitement for another new year to arrive. There is no doubt that Bengali delicacies and desserts have always been one of the most special cuisines of India and nothing feels better when loved ones and families gather at home or have a meal together at some authentic Bengali diner. It is significant to understand that for any business prospects, it is one of the most important days because a new “Haal Khata” (Accounts Book)  is opened by the businessmen to mark the inception of the new year.

In many areas of Bengal, cultural performances are taken place that allows thousands of visitors and travelers to embrace the culture of Bengal along with enjoying some mouth-watering cuisines that are supposedly an intrinsic part of the celebrations. In every household, houses are cleaned thoroughly and are adorned with beautiful decor and some families also decorate their houses with artful paintings called “Alpona”. Individuals, all around the country, wear traditional attires and celebrate the day with utmost fervor, love, and happiness. Classic folk music, skits, singing, and drama are held in various places where a feeling of homogeneity is expressed by embracing one culture. 

As mentioned earlier, no Bengali celebration is ever finished without mouth-watering delicacies and a good amount of desserts on their plate. From exotic fish items to side dishes and mouth-watering non-veg delicacies, everything seems way too perfect and yes, no Bengali heart and stomach gets complete without exquisite desserts or so-called “Mishti”. It is believed that every significant or new work must be started with a bit of a sweet dish as it is considered to be an auspicious ritual for Bengalis and no better festival than Poila Boishakh that indeed spreads love, positivity, fervor, and immense togetherness among Bengali people, all around the world.

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