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The value of BBA degree is immense in the present business domain. The demand for the top-notch business professionals is on a hike since the beginning of economic liberalization in the 90s in India. Any business startup or giant organizations are on a constant lookout for the professionals who can work between the services team and the superior administration. This demand promotes the Bussiness oriented Courses and unquestionably boosts the value of BBA degree.

Since last two decades, professional courses are on the constant hike. A large number of students opt for BBA degree in India after clearing the 12th boards. If your intention is to step into the business domain or a startup right after graduation, then BBA degree is the right alternative for you. To provide you with a better insight into the matter, we have listed the importance of BBA degree in the blog below.

1. BBA course equates the graduation degree

You get a dubious look when you make up your mind to pursue BBA course. In a country with an obsession for landing on government jobs, a majority of the population are still unaware of the BBA course. However, BBA is a 3-year professional degree course equivalent to graduation. The BBA degree subjects cover the basic business elements such as business strategy, organization behavior, market trends, basic management skills, entrepreneurship development, e-commerce, legal regulatory framework, international marketing and finance, communication, etc.

2. Surging Market Demands for the BBA grads

With the rise of technology, the Indian market is developing at a rapid pace. As the formerly established companies grow in scope and capacity, new start-ups have emerged as well. Be it a startup or an established giant, both require professionals with absolute business running experience. A candidate with a BBA Degree can easily operate and be a part of the multifunctional element between the workforce and the administration.

3. Industry Exposure and Experience while still in College

BBA course is one of the interesting subjects to deal with. Owing to its characteristics, you will be exposed to industry-oriented activities, seminars, presentations, etc. BBA degree subjects will help you gain the first-hand knowledge and provide you with a complete insight into the relevant industries. The BBA course provides you to excellent exposure to market trends, decisive resolution making, effective communication, etc.

4. BBA brings you an endless expanse of growth

BBA grads with a good market exposure with experience and exposure are more likely to see rapid growth as compared to the other normal graduates. A hardworking and enthusiastic candidate can easily become a manager and the team leader. The value of BBA degree is endless. Over a short period, BBA grads who do well with their responsibilities will be trained furthermore for the senior level managerial positions.

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5. BBA grads get better Remuneration

Payment is an important element of every profession. Candidates belonging from good institutions with a BBA degree in India are paid Rs. 4 lakh onwards per annum. Candidates opting for jobs overseas are paid double the amount from the start. BBA grads with 4-5 years of experience can even expect salaries ranging from 10 lakhs and above in India. Despite the high remuneration, the salary scale is likely to differ from one city to the other depending on the type of industry you work with.

6. BBA is the stepping stone for future Degrees like MBA, Economics

BBA degree subjects deal with an expansive element of the business domain. The BBA grad will have a wide range of choices when it comes to proceeding ahead with the higher education. BBA degree strengthens the foundation for the higher level of education such as MBA and more as such.
In India, many top colleges and universities provide a combined 5 year BBA and MBA course. Apart from MBA, you can also pursue MBE (Masters in Business Economics), ME (Masters in Economics), etc. after completing your BBA course.

7. Prepares you for a startup

Entrepreneurship is the best way to use your knowledge and experience in the things that you love. If you have thought about a start-up, then BBA degree in India is regarded as the best choice as the subject largely covers the basics of business and managerial aspects. a 3-BBA-DegreeBBA-Degreeyear degree course will mold you as an entrepreneur by honing your skills and traits that you need as a successful entrepreneur. It fulfills all the requirements such as experience, communication, smart thinking, industrial visits, etc through internships while you’re still in the college.

It’s very crucial that you know what to choose after your 12th in order to land into the ideal professional domain. If you’ve considered business or for a startup, then there is no other alternative like a full-time BBA degree.
We wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

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