Becoming Quizzical: InspiriaQ Prelims at St. Robert’s HS School, Darjeeling

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With InspiriaQ at the doorstep the prelims of the Inter-School Quiz was conducted at St. Robert’s HS School, Darjeeling. The prelims were held on the 16th of October, 2014 at the school premises.

There were around 201 students who participated in the prelims. The team representing Inspiria at the school and conducting the prelims of the Inter-School Quiz Contest consisted of Mr. Surendra Pradhan, Relationship Executive and Ms. Jyoti Pradhan, Counsellor.

The participants were informed about the rules and regulations of InspiriaQ prelims and were also told about Inspiria by Ms. Pradhan. The interaction between the students and the team from Inspiria was free and frank.

The excitement amongst the students with regards to the quiz contest could be seen. The want to do well not only for themselves but also for their school was evident in the participants approach to the prelims. The winners of the prelims who have qualified for the finale on 23rd November, 2014 are:

  • Riwash Singh- Class XII Humanities
  • Mohammad Rizwan- Class XII Humanities
  • Sanjog Pradhan- Class XII Science
  • Bibek Bhujel- Class XI Humanities

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