Benefits of Studying Mass Communication and Journalism

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Benefits of studying Mass Communication and Journalism

Mass Communication 

The transmission of information through print media or electronic media such as television, newspapers, magazines, etc., to large numbers of people, can be defined as mass communication. It is an intensive study of communication that allows information to the people. The aspects of mass communication contain effective one-way communication and two-way communication with comprehensive feedback. 

In this recent times, social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the advanced mass communication tools to reach out to a vast number of people. The prime advantage of mass communication is that it promotes individual voices and helps to reach out to the mass. Moreover, the approaches of mass media and communication can spread art and culture all over the world. In addition, it creates diplomatic awareness and helps to express individual ideologies.

Key Benefits of studying Journalism and Mass Communication 

Today communication has evolved significantly and it has become unprecedently diverse. Mass communication and journalism offer huge career opportunities with numerous perks and benefits. From corporate to non-government organizations seeks mass communication and journalism graduate to enhance their efficiency in organizational communication and infrastructure. With a degree in mass communication and journalism, you can master your communication skills.  It offers immense opportunities to explore various job profiles such as social media executive, event manager, columnist, creative director, broadcasting director, etc. 

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Importance of Mass Communication and Journalism

The practices of mass communication transmit information rapidly to a huge number of people. It is an extensive and useful practice to send information to those who are away from the source of information. The role of mass communication is crucial to develop public opinion on national or international issues. Through the approaches and aspects of mass communication practices, one can enhance social connections. In fact, it is a significant tool to highlight the diplomatic role of the state. It helps to circulate important notices & policies of the government to a huge number of people rapidly. 

Significance of Mass Communication and Journalism in 2022

Today mass communication and journalism offers huge career opportunities with lucrative salary package in India. The media and mass communication industry provide a diverse range of career choices compared to none. In fact, the skills you acquired in the mass communication course are helpful in any industry setting. This blog will outline the possible career opportunities and benefits of studying mass communication.

Media & Mass Communication: The most in-demand career in 2019

Career Opportunities in Mass Communication & Journalism

Specialization in Mass communication and journalism will help you to explore numerous career opportunities in the industry. Today career opportunities in mass communication and journalism are not limited to PR agencies or the media industry. The demand for mass communication and journalism graduates is sky-high. Apart from the media industry, the educational sector and IT industry look for media graduates to enhance efficiency in the organizational infrastructure. 

Public Relations Executive 

The PR executives of an organization are directly accountable for developing and evaluating the communication strategy to achieve public understanding. The purpose of an effective communication strategy is to protect an organization’s brand image in the global competitive market. This allows the organizations to edge past the competition in the global market. In fact, a PR executive looks after the business value proportion and at the same time manages the brand reputation strategy and management. Considering any successful business the role of the PR executives is crucial and the PR executives receive handsome salary packages.

On average Public Relations executives receive starting salary of INR 3.2 LPA to 4.5 LPA depending on the organization.                                             


One of the most admired professions with challenging job responsibilities. The job profile of a journalist is full of adventure with a decent salary package. The duties and responsibilities of a journalist include reporting and publishing news of a specific beat with facts and accurate context. In fact, journalists have to be unbiased while reporting news and have to maintain ethics and conscience. To be a journalist understanding the aspects of communication is important. It will help to establish the credibility of the journalist in the industry and society.

On average, the journalist receives starting salary of INR 2.8 LPA to 4.5 LPA depending on the organization.

Corporate Communications 

To increase efficiency in the organizational infrastructure robust communication is required. Corporate communication executives are directly responsible for developing internal and external communication strategies for the organization. Moreover, corporate communication executives make all the necessary communication strategies consistent and concise to reach out the potential clients. In fact, the prime responsibility of corporate communication is to promote the corporate culture of the organization and work closely with external partners. In addition, corporate communication manages and monitors the overall communication strategies of the organization. Corporate Communications is a lucrative career choice that has exceptional career prospects with decent paychecks. 

On average, the corporate communications executive receives starting salary of INR 3.5 LPA to 4.6 LPA depending on the organization.

Brand Strategist 

After completing your mass communication and journalism degree you can opt for brand strategist as a career choice. The job responsibilities of the brand strategist are to monitor the client’s behavior and to design products accordingly. Brand strategist thoroughly works on differentiation strategy with a creativity-driven approach.  In fact, from crafting design strategies to nurturing consumer insights brand strategists are directly responsible for this task. Moreover, brand strategists perform extensive research on consumer behavior analysis and often influence the purchase decisions of consumers through the marketing mix. Apart from creativity-driven job responsibilities brand strategists enjoys a good work-life balance and handsome paychecks. 

On average, the brand strategist receives INR 3.4 LPA to 4.8 LPA depending on the organization. 

Creative Director 

The primary job responsibilities of a creative director are to lead your team in advertising and marketing agencies. It is a senior position and the creative director is directly responsible for the performance of the team. Creative Director performs branding campaigns, monitoring performances and enhancing brand awareness for the firm in the global market. From brainstorming new ideas to creative sessions and promotional campaigns to evaluating marketing trends, the creative director performs all with data-driven analytics. In addition, creative directors are accountable for the daily workflow of the team and the impact of marketing strategies. 

On average creative director receives a salary of INR 5.2 LPA to 7.5 LPA depending on the organization. 

Assistant Professor 

With an M.A. degree in Mass communication and journalism, you are eligible for Assistant Professor, all you require is to crack the UGC NET exam. If have the desire to work in the academic field this is absolutely better career choice that offers stability and career growth. The job responsibilities of an assistant professor at a university or college are to supervise and monitor undergraduate or postgraduate students. An assistant professor is accountable for developing an academic curriculum that should match the standards of the college or university. In fact, assistant professors have to represent the university or college in national or international seminars. 

On average the assistant professor receives a decent salary package of INR 4.7 to 9.5 LPA often varies from state to state. 

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