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Revision is an important part of studying, it helps us remind and unfold the forgotten data during the process of studying. Its high time as the board exams are near, most of the students are working hard day and night to flourish and come out in flying colors, but what could actually obstruct the outcome is fear, lack of concentration and abrupt revision. As the dates approach most of the students catch up with insomnia, stay up all night with the fear of things that could go wrong during the boards. The students are ready to devote time towards their studies but fall short in devoting time towards rest and proper sleep.

Once you are ready to devote time towards proper sleep and rest, you are sure to improvise a lot in terms of freshness and agility. Start fresh and concentrate on revision as another prime aspect of studying. The importance of revision is mostly neglected by students as they try to cope up with new things in the syllabus, which intern cost then during then exams when they start forgetting simple things under immense pressure. Revising is the phenomenon of reading the already known things which help us to memorize and store it right inside your brain.

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The proper format of revision is mandatory since it helps the students to score better and stay calm during the examinations. One must revise the contents already studied, so as it is readily deliverable during the examinations. As articulated by eminent physiologists revision is the science similar to polishing a diamond, the more you polish the brighter it shines, keep calm segregate your chapters and revise the already studied, to score better during your board examination.

Decide the structure according to your capabilities, take short intervals in between to refresh your mind and release the inbuilt pressure. Divide different subject into chapters and make sure you touch up each and every subject every day by equal bits. Once you are trough with the principle of revision keep it going for the next days till you appear your final examinations, this could make you more confident and you would seldom forget things during your examination hence glorify with flying colors.

The Board exam study plan – The study plan revolves around things you need to grasp in a better way, hence paving you path towards higher scores

  • Grabbing the Derivations
  • Graphs and Diagrams
  • Solve Mock question papers or Sample question papers
  • Concentrate on the short answers type questions from NCERT

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