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Career In Interior Designing

Career In Interior Designing : Interior Designing is the art of designing as well as managing spaces in an aesthetic manner to deliver optimum comfort and efficiency. It is often claimed that interior designing is a luxury in a country such as ours. However, times have changed and economic conditions have significantly improved particularly in the urban areas of India. With the growth in urban living, real estate prices have sky rocketted and more and more people have to cope up with living in small apartments in shrinking space. Interior designing plays a huge role in assisting people to optimise their indoor space management so that comforts levels are not compromised but actually enhanced.

To support this fast growing sector, interior designers are in great demand. Today we have college degree courses at the under-graduate level which train creative young people to become professional interior designers. Thus a degree in Interior Designing will help students to get the necessary certification and garner the skills to become a successful Interior Designer.

Once you complete your B Sc in Interior Designing there are a variety of options which you may opt for as a professional interior designer. These include the following:-

Corporate designers for offices:

Nowadays optimum use of office space is a must due to high real estate prices. At the same time office goers have to spend extended periods of time in their offices. It is imperative that offices should be comfortable offering a pleasing ambience. The corporate interior designers do wonders to design office space to deliver maximum space and comfort in spite of space constraints.

Healthcare Designers:

They are interior designers who specialize in designing health clinics, fitness centres, hospitals and health resorts.

Home Designers:

Interior Designers who specialize in designing residential space are in great demand today. With the rise in disposable income everyone wants to design his residential space to derive optimum living pleasure. This is a fast growing area and interior designers sometimes working together with architects to deliver excellently designed homes which not only have added durability but also enhanced aesthetic feel,

Landscape Designers:

Interior Designers also specialize in landscape designing. They design attractive and functional public parks, playgrounds, gardens, residential areas, public spaces and college campuses. They also plan the locations of buildings, walkways, roads, flowers, trees and shrubs in the landscapes they design. As residential estates and townships, parks, malls and sports arenas grow in the country, interior designers working on landscape designing are being highly demanded.

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Designing Consultants:

After gaining some degree of work expertise an interior designer can become a consultant offering his services in several areas such as a set designer, an exhibition designer, residential designers, office designers, etc.

Government Sector:

In interior designing, even the government offers different types of jobs especially in the area of town planning. Interior Decoration graduates can find job opportunities in regional and metropolitan regional development department, town planning bureaus and public works departments since these professionals are appointed by these departments for effective completion of projects.

Interior Designing sector in India is poised for huge growth. According to a survey in India, the market is expected to grow by 20% by the end of 2020

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