What is BBA in Accounting? Career Prospects After BBA in Accounting

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(BBA) in Accounting Course is a 3-year undergraduate program. The course integrates the basics of the business curriculum with comprehensive tasks and lessons in accounting. The course covers broad aspects and functionality of accounting from one end to the other in a business domain. BBA in Accounting is a versatile business degree as the course curriculum incorporates a wide range of topics from financial accounting to federal income taxation, monetary undertakings & management, and so on. It allows you to explore from a wide range of subjects and on the contrary, even enables you to concentrate on a specific business subject based on your interest. Thus, a degree in (BBA) Accounting ensures career flexibility, i.e., between both industries and departments.

Career prospects after BBA in Accounting

A full-time degree in BBA Accounting attracts numerous career opportunities in various industry domains. Once you get a degree, you can explore a variety of fields or simply start a fulfilling career, or embrace the path to entrepreneurship. So, before you go anywhere, just have a look at the list of top careers you can choose from with a degree in (BBA) Accounting.

#1. Accountant: Entry-level auditing positions or accounting roles require a bachelor’s degree. According to the statistics, the future growth rate in this field is above average. Graduates who hold a bachelor’s degree in Accounting attract a wide range range of accounting career alternatives. Such as Government Accountants, Management Accountants, Public Accountants, Forensic Accountants, and so on. Accountants are expected to be good with numbers. Their responsibility involves helping individuals and businesses to solve and understand their financial issues and taxes. They further work on drafting the financial reports and ensure the steady functioning of taxes.

#2. Loan Officer: Loan officers require a solid finance background and they are expected to be good with numbers and money. BBA in Accounting equips a learner with skills obliged in industries. Loan officers are hired by the banks, lending firms. As a professional, they basically evaluate, approve, endorse either approval and denial of loans to the public and other corporations.

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#3. Marketer: In current times, the task of a marketer is not limited to manual aspects. Anyone who picks this domain can even work in creative fields, media & other corporate sectors that are profoundly associated with the responsibility of marketing or e-commerce. However, other than that the role of a marketer involves planning, execution, coordination marketing strategies for businesses. Marketers also decide on the trade of goods and services and simultaneously formulate better approaches to increase the profit. They further keep track of or record the trends within the firm’s targeted markets and analyze product development.

#4. Financial Advisor: The roles and responsibilities of financial advisors are much related to accountants. However, their job does not include taxes. Much like counselors, they help people and corporations with money management, budgeting, and invest money for earning financial benefits and for successful business schemes. To be precise, financial advisors ensure the people and businesses with smart financial or budgeting decisions. They safeguard the financial well-being of the public and business by assuring them to analyze risk.

#5. Real Estate Agent: A bachelor’s degree in BBA Accounting is considered the foremost and right step to start a career as a real estate agent. Also called brokers, a licensed real estate agent can either work as a commercial or a residential broker. Whether it’s purchasing, selling, and renting of properties, a real estate agent helps the public and businesses with their requirements.

#6. Commodities Trader: When we say commodities, it can be anything from pencil lead to mica, from paintbrushes to guitar strings, or anything as such that are purchased or sold as fortunes, alternatives and often referred to as monetary products. Commodity traders are expected to be organized and detailed oriented with sound knowledge of business and finance. The responsibility of a commodity trader involves purchasing and selling commodity prices goods on behalf of a company or as an independent self.

#7. Manager: When it comes to the smooth functioning of a business, managers stand as the backbone. A degree in BBA Accounting renders you with crucial skills and knowledge to excel in this role in any kind of industry that you choose to work with. The role of a manager involves everything from ensuring the steady functioning of a business, inspect the operation of the everyday task, sourcing stuffs from manufacturers, etc.

#8. Entrepreneur: Behind every successful business stands an entrepreneur. With the rise of technology and the internet, startup culture has become more prominent in today’s times. If you are someone with innovative ideas, aptitude, and creativity and want to build your own startup, then you should certainly go ahead with your aspirations. As finance is an integral part of any startup, a degree in BBA Accounting can equip you with a pragmatic understanding and proficiency for the same.

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