Inspiria Gavel Club – 22nd Session

Sergeant-at-arms Gavelier Alex M opened the session with the club’s pledge calling out to the members for their attention. With passing time Alex has learned the art of performing his duty well on an online platform. His command was well heard. In the absence of the President, Club Counselor TM Geetanjali Rathore addressed the session […]

21st Session – Inspiria Gavels Club

Saturday, 9th May 2020 can be called spectacular. Why , because this week we saw maximum participation from the new members. They eagerly nominated themselves for roleplaying. School children between 12-16 yrs could take up responsibility and carry it out with such diligence that surely reinforces that Inspiria Gavels Club is heading into the correct […]

20th Session – Inspiria Gavels Club

It is really an occasion to celebrate when you get to witness the transition of young speakers. How old are they ? 12yrs, 14 yrs , 17 yrs. From  having to start with an ambition to be able to be confident to speak in public to having to perform their respective club duties this early […]