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Saturday, 9th May 2020 can be called spectacular. Why , because this week we saw maximum participation from the new members. They eagerly nominated themselves for roleplaying. School children between 12-16 yrs could take up responsibility and carry it out with such diligence that surely reinforces that Inspiria Gavels Club is heading into the correct direction.

SAA ( Sergeant At Arms), Gavelier Alex M commenced the 21st session with the club’s mission statement. In the absence of the President of the club, the club counselor Toastmaster Geetanjali Rathore introduced the two new members of the club. Gavelier Swasti Jain and Gavelier Rehmat Singh Chawla.

Gavelier of the day, Gavelier Jugaad Singh initiated and moderated the entire session. The theme of the day was “ see it to believe it”. Gavelier Jugaad Singh beautifully opened the session with his 2 mins speech on how what the theme of the day connotes, He finally urged all the members to not to believe things unless you verify the source of the information especially in such a volatile moment that we are all living today. His voice was heard loud & clear. This was his first role playing as the Gavelier of the day and one must applaud his act.

General Evaluator of the day, Gavelier Arpan Sinha did his job very well. He introduced the three wise men of the day, Grammarian , Ah Counter and Timer. As a general evaluator he made detailed notes of his observations and give an effective feedback to all the role players and speakers and the respective evaluators by the end of the day. This was his first time as a general evaluator and surely carried is duty well.

First speaker was Gavelier Sanjana Dalai. She enrapt her audience with a sensitive topic such as bullying. She has learnt her ways in speech delivery as she delivered her speech in a form of a story. She shared her personal incidents as a storytelling which made us feel her pain and trauma that she had been through due to bullying. There was a use of vocal variety and lots of good phrases and good vocabulary. This speech was a feather in her cap.

Second Speaker was Gavelier Alex M. He spoke on wild life conservation. His speech had a blend of facts and a message that he wanted his audience to receive. It shows he did a great deal of research to make the speech meaningful. His objective was to give a flawless speech and see if he can successfully convey his message the the audience. And he was successful.

Third speaker was Gavelier Nishika Agarwal. We must applaud her confidence to be able to deliver her 2nd speech in such a short span of her joining the club. What we saw mesmerized us. Just in her second speech we saw a much more confident Nishika. She has made all efforts to gather information in her speech and we are very proud of that.

In the absence of the Table Topic Master, Gavelier Jugaad Singh also took up this responsibility. The table topic session has always been the most awaited moment in our club. Jugaad conducted it beautifully and it must be mentioned that the two new members Gavelier Swasti and Gavelier Rehmat enjoyed participating in it. We are happy that they got a slight flavour of how we run our sessions.

Gavelier Tamanna Chatterjee evaluated Gavelier Sanjana Dalai. She has learned the art of giving feedback. Her evaluation started with the best things she witnessed in Sanjan’s speech and later also mentioned the areas of improvement that Sanjana should look into.

Gavelier Rhangdol Golay an impactful evaluation to Gavelier Nishika. He mentioned clearly the points that she did best in her speech followed by the points aht she should adopt to make her speech better.

Gavelier Alex M was evaluated by Toastmaster Geetanjali Rathore. Alex has come a long way as a speaker. She gave him points that he could use in turning his speech much more effective in future.

Gavelier Sanjana Dalia bagged the “ Best Featured Speaker”
Gavelier Alex M won the “ Second Best Featured Speaker”

Gavelier Rhangdol Golay took the “ Best Table Topic Speaker”
Gavelier Rehmat Singh Chawla bagged the “ Second Best Table Topic Speaker”

Gavelier Muskan Sharma and Gavelier Rishabh Gupta had a tie for the “Best Role Player”
Gavelier Tamanna Chatterjee took the “Best Evaluator”

Last but not the least. This week we introduced a new role play – Listener.
The youngest in our team Gavelier Prapti Sen did a fine job as a listener. Well it needs a lot of intent listening to form your quiz and she did her best. We were all thrilled.

All in all it was a successful session and we are geared for more.

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