Inspiria Gavel Club – 22nd Session

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Sergeant-at-arms Gavelier Alex M opened the session with the club’s pledge calling out to the members for their attention. With passing time Alex has learned the art of performing his duty well on an online platform. His command was well heard.

In the absence of the President, Club Counselor TM Geetanjali Rathore addressed the session with an encouragement filled speech directed towards keeping the spirits alive as gaveliers.
Soon Gavelier of the day Sanjana Dalia sweeped the session with a heart welcoming speech and began the 22nd session. She introduced the theme of the day “ we are the one, we are the children , we are the ones to make a brighter day so let’s start giving” with such impact that her audience roared up with praises.
First round was the featured speaker where Gavlier Swasti Jain delivered her ice-breaker speech. She has done a fabulous job considering her first speech. We will look into the technicalities and train her in improving her speech quality.

Gavelier Rishab Gupta spoke on his favourite sport cricket. We can see that he has improved on his speech clarity and now need to focus on hand gestures and eye movements. More on non -verbal cues.

Our Table Topics Master this week was none other than Gavelier Nishika Agarwal. From the shy person she was to this day we can see she has turned into a much more confident personality. Almost spreading her wings and ready to fly. We were all happy and surprised to see how wonderfully she conducted the table topics session. She had the best of the topics to speak on and brought a lot of excitement and engagements. It was an enthralling table topic session.

Almost everyone participated in the table topic session. Infact this is the most awaited segment of our session. Though considered toughest to perform yet gaveliers take it as a challenge to bring the best in themselves.

Evaluation rounds have started to get intense these days as the gaveliers have slowly learnt the art of giving feedback. They bring out points objectively and have been using the sandwich theory while giving feedback.

This week we also had a listener and Gavelier Jugaad Singh added icing on the cake with the listening round. It was fun over all.

Gavelier Swasti Jain bagged the Best Featured Speaker.
Gavelier Sanjana Dalai was the Star of the Day
Gavelier Tamanna Chatterjee bagged the Best Table Topic Speaker & the Best Evaluator
Gavelier Rhangdol Golay got the Second Best Table Topic Speaker & the Best Role Player as the Grammarian.

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