20th Session – Inspiria Gavels Club

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It is really an occasion to celebrate when you get to witness the transition of young speakers. How old are they ? 12yrs, 14 yrs , 17 yrs. From  having to start with an ambition to be able to be confident to speak in public to having to perform their respective club duties this early is a tremendous achievement both for the club & for its members. We can only congratulate them all.

Our 20th session was ignited with enthusiasm from all the participants including the speakers.

There were three ice-breaker speeches by Gavelier Prapti Sen, Gavelier Nishika Agarwal and Gavelier Rhangdol Golay. It is fulfilling to see their speeches bubbling with information on them. And their ice breaker speeches made impressions on themselves. Gavelier Prapti Sen’s speech had some beautiful words and therefore we must say she has a strong hold on  vocabulary. Considering this was her first speech we wish her best in her journey as our member.

Gavelier Nishika Agarwal surprised us with her new found confidence. Unlike her shy nature we could see she had worked hard to prepare her speech and therefore it was worth an appreciation. Certainly it was her first speech and we have a long way to go together. Happy to have her in our team.

Gavelier Rhangdol Golay fascinates us with the ease with which he speaks. He has an air of confidence and always pulls up his strings. His speech was fun filled as everyone thoroughly enjoyed listening to him. His giggles spark a life in his speech. His effortless catchy phrases gets his audience glued to their seats. He is certainly a gem in the club.

Gavelier Muskan Sharma beautifully role played as the table topic master. She had elements of surprise in the way she conducted the table topic session. All the gaveliers nominated themselves and actively participated. In fact they did not want the table topic session to end.Truly engaging and mood lifting session.

Gavelier Rhangdol Golay backed the “ Best Featured Speaker”. Gavelier Nishika Agarwal stood as the “ Second Best Speaker”.

Gavelier Tamanna Chatterjee as effervescent as ever and flawless in her speech took the “ Best Table Topic Speaker” and Gavelier Jugaad Singh must be congratulated for this well deserved second position. He backed the “ Second Best Table Topic Speaker”.

Gavelier Muskan Sharma backed the “ Best Evaluator”  and Gavelier Tamanna Chatterjee took one more position as the “ Best Role Player – Grammarian”.

It was a great show put up by all the Gaveliers. We can now see that they have fully understood their responsibilities towards the club and are wholly committed to bring laurels to the club.

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