Culinary Arts-The Art of Presenting Food

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What is Culinary Arts?

Culinary Arts is the art of preparing and presenting foods that is not only palatable but also pleasing to the eyes.

A culinary artist needs to have proper knowledge of food science, diet and nutrition in order to present the food in the proper way.

Before preparing a dish a culinary professional visualizes what is he going to make and accordingly plans to make his dish appealing and an enjoyable experience.

There are different areas where one can specialize on such as bakery items, or choosing dishes that are from a certain location such an Indian ,Chinese ,Italian ,continental etc.

Career choice

Those wanting to make a career in Culinary Arts can get in to these fields.


They mainly design the menu of the restaurant which includes original recipes and follow up for the dishes. He is also involved in the process of cooking the food items, right from arranging the proper ingredients to the final presentation.

A chef needs to have skilled experience in handing kitchen equipment’s and gadgets that are used in the making process. The kitchen staff and the day to day services are also managed by him.

Pastry chef

This is one area students can specialize on if one loves bakery items. A pastry chef creates pastries, cakes, desserts, cookies and numerous others confectionery items.

A pastry chef is usually hired in restaurants, large hotels and cafes. They are in charge of the bakery department and can have chefs who assist and work along with him.

Food service manager:

There are in charge of managing the day to day operation of a restaurant, banquet hall, and food establishment that serve food and beverages. They manage the staffs and try to provide the best possible experience to the customers.

Food stylist

They are professional who blend food and science in order to create recipes that are appealing for photographs, advertising, television commercials, magazines, cook books etc.

Food stylist have to be extremely careful while preparing and arranging the dish, they also need to have an eye for details in order to make their presentation stand out.


Career in culinary can be rewarding if one has passion for cooking and willingness to work hard and coordinate properly with team members.

Large hotel chains are constantly looking for young professionals who have skills and expertise in communication and have a pleasant personality.

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