Top 10 Ways To Educate Yourself

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Why do we go to schools and colleges? The answer is simple – to get an education. Once upon a time the term ‘education’ meant everything from manners, etiquette, ethics, information, and knowledge.

But times have changed. In an increasingly technology ruled world where change is the most constant thing happening, schools and colleges have to shoulder the responsibility to ensure that graduates passing out are flexible enough to adapt to the ever-changing landscape that they are confronted with.

To be fair one has to be constantly on one’s toes, alert, updated and open-minded. So what are the tricks to make yourself ‘educated’ in this super-fast age? Here are some clues;

One, Go beyond the curriculum. Make reading a habit and I don’t mean books only. Read whatever you can get hold of -magazines, Facebook posts, blogs, emails even billboards on the highway. Every little thing that you read means some more addition to your information base.

Two, Correlate whatever you read to your real world. All the information you read in books means nothing unless you can make some connection with the real world.

Three, develop the art of listening. Whenever people meet in a group everyone wants to talk. The secret, however, lies in listening. The more you listen the more you learn.

Four, pick up some extracurricular skills such as swimming, music, photography, sports, and games whatever. Choose an area in which you have a special interest and develop yourself in that particular field.

Five, study at least two to three hours per day in addition to the time you spent in school or college. Studying regularly makes more sense than leaving everything for the last minute.

Six, build up a network of meaningful, knowledgeable people including your intelligent classmates. Learning is never easy when you are all by yourself.

Seven, respect your parents at home and teachers at school. Build up a good rapport with people from whom you can learn a lot!

Eight, make yourself tech-savvy. There is no way you can escape technology. In this age, acquiring special skills in hardware or software will always help.

Nine, plan your life early. Set a target and a roadmap for success.

Ten, make sure you possess basic mathematical skills. Wherever you go and whatever profession you may be in, command over basic maths has a special advantage.

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