How Technology Has Changed Education

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How is technology affecting the way we impart education. Well, technology has always been a part of human life ever since man invented the wheel. Technology such as printing (for publication of books) or the use of laboratory instruments has always been a part of school and college education.

Properly phrased the question should be how is digital technology changing education? To be honest, digital technology has not just changed the way students learn, it has revolutionized education.

First, it has changed the way teachers and students interact in class. Instant assistance from audio-video content and internet access in classrooms has altered the dynamics of teaching and learning.
It has made easy accessing multiple resource points, copying and archiving your work, repeating lessons any number of times and more.

The greatest benefit has come from the search engine Google. Teachers as well students can use Google’s search engine to be flooded with seemingly unlimited data which is utilized in the right context can do wonders in the classroom.

Digital systems have made learning multi-faceted. Teachers can now use animations, videos, powerpoint files and other forms of content to enhance the process of learning. Not only that, as more and more teachers use games as a means of imparting lessons, many feel learning is now fun and more meaningful than it was in the past.

Digital technology has also resulted in a reduction in the costs of education. For example, online exams even if they are subjective do not require papers and pens. Multiple digital copies of a lesson can be obtained without incurring any additional costs.

Gradually higher education will move to a paperless environment which means a considerable reduction in costs. Conducting examination online is also cost-effective, time-saving and less cumbersome.

Thus digital technology has changed and is changing education in myriad ways. And in most cases, it is changed for the better!

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