E-Session on “Event Management as a Growing Career Opportunity For Hospitality

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E-session on Event management

School Of Hospitality Management of Inspiria Knowledge Campus, Siliguri has successfully organized an E-session on 25th of February,2022 on “Event Management as a Growing Career Opportunity For Hospitality Professionals”. The speaker for that session was Mr. Shubham Bansal who is presently taking care of Masterkey Solutions (Event and Hospitality) consultancy as a Director. Mr. Shubham has 8 years of experience in the field of event management and working with Wizcraft, Wings, and Ramoji Film City for a long period.

The session was started at 11 am with the brief introduction of the speaker and then with the slide presentation, Mr. Bansal continued. Through these slides, he tried to give an overview of the Event Manager job responsibility, different Indian Event Management brands, and moreover why the hospitality professionals can get easily resemble with.

To organize a corporate or social event the event manager faces lots of challenges to operate an event successfully. Mr. Bansal specifically identified all the challenges and discussed them with students, at the same time the speaker provided a space for the students where the students can provide.

One of the key challenges in event management is the adjusting workflow of the employees associated with the event. Be it corporate or social event unprecedented error can happen, to combat the errors or crisis, the event planner has to create plan B and the event planner has to be ready with a backup plan. 

To excel in the field of event management the speaker thoroughly discussed tube importance of communication. It is important for the event planner to make effective communication with the associates. Perfect communication with associates will ease the communication barriers and will make the event successful and at the same time, it will help to understand the requirements of the clients. 

Event planning is stressful but it can be easily done if the time management is perfectly initiated by the event planner. Mr. Bansal deliberately tried to showcase the importance and impact of time management in event planning and management. The role of time management in event management is immense. In this effective session, the speaker showcased how to minimize distractions and how to achieve the objectives of the event. 

In the field of event management experience matters a lot. Working continuously in the field of event management will help you to achieve the target and objective before the deadline. This session helped the students to analyze the importance of time management in event management. 

Students raised their queries and all were promptly answered by the speaker in the session. Overall it was an opportunity to learn the new openings in the field of hospitality.

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