Exclusive Photography Workshop Conducted at Inspiria

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Inspiria Knowledge Campus organised a one day Photography Workshop on 24th April 2018. The session was convened by Mr. Tirtha Dasgupta, an eminent Photographer with 22 years of experience in the concerned field. The media science students of the college were exposed to the various compositional and practical skills to be practised and implemented. The session began with the basic compositional guidelines applied in photography, followed by practical demonstration of various usage of lights and different accessories used in photography.

The workshop was extremely interactive and enlightening, providing great opportunity for the students to explore and understand the diverse nuances of photography.

Mr. Tirtha Dasgupta’s extensive knowledge in the field of photography was indeed a great learning for the aspiring students of media science, aiming to explore a career in photography. He is associated with the School of Fototechnik, New Delhi and is the honorary member of numerous famed international photography institution such as FsoF, FPSNJ, FSAP and PESGSPC.

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