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A foodie by nature Gopanshu Anand is a first-year student of the Department of Hospitality Management. It was his punishments that led him to cook for himself. His habit of waking late left him with no breakfast which led him to try his hands in the kitchen. This routine created an interest in him towards cooking, he loves to experiment in the kitchen which helps him come up with new combinations and flavours.

His love for cooking and food is an added advantage to the family business, a pure vegetarian restaurant named ‘Triptiz’. The restaurant aims at giving tasty and quality food. The motive is to keep the customers happy and satisfied. The whole family actively participates in the functioning of the restaurant. Gopanshu aims at taking the restaurant to the next level. He has already planned to widen the business by undertaking hospital and college canteens.

A very ambitious person who wants to be tagged along with Chef Gordon Ramsay and Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. His aim is to build a chain of restaurants and give his parents the best of life they can have for all the sacrifices they have made in their life. His love for a lavish life and cars is another reason for his hard work. Once a successful hotelier he wishes to open a restaurant which serves food at the cost rate so that people from any social stratum can be served.

He won the second place in the Masterchef competition conducted by the Siliguri Institute of Technology. Gopanshu Anand wishes to give all credit to his father for what he is today and we at Inspiria wish him all luck for his success.

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