Grooming Extravaganza an Initiative by Women Cell of Inspiria

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A great initiative was taken by the Women Cell of INSPIRIA KNOWLEDGE CAMPUS. The first ever workshop done by the members of the women cell where we had Priyanshi Jalan, Dr.Sanjukta Chaudhari (Neotia Getwel Healthcare) and the HABIBS as our guest speakers, the session was informative and helpful.

Priyanshi, a fashion blogger who believes in being classy yet quirky gave a quick gist of the professional and personal aspects of styling an individual should be aware of. Discussing the updated trends of the fashion line, she also highlighted the do’s and the don’ts a girl should follow. Ms. Priyanshi gave a very wider picture of how a young aspiring lady can communicate through the clothes she wears. Her session covered all aspects of styling like shoes, accessories, colours, designs etc.

With the end of grooming extravaganza, we had Dr.Sanjukta who is associated with Neotia Getwel Healthcare as a consultant – Obstetrics and Gynaecology department to give a wide insight into the women related issues. It was more of an interactive session where students came up with their problems. She also discussed the health hazards that can be caused due to smoking and drinking. As said “personal hygiene is two-third of health”, she threw light over the importance of personal hygiene and made us aware of the right things a woman should do in her life.

Adding to the session came the most exciting part, THE HABIBS –hair and beauty franchise where the trained members offered a class about makeup tutorials and hairstyles. Me. Retina Gurung a faculty at Habib’s discussed the need to be hygienic and how to keep their hair and skin. The end also gave an opportunity to experience hair cutting to a few girls and boys. Students were used as models to teach how to apply professional makeup and hairdo Boys and girls were given free haircuts by the professional stylist of Habibs (City Center branch).

To sum up in a few words, it was a sublime and productive day for all the women for whom hygiene, overall enhancement of appearance and personal development is of parallel importance along with other aspects of life.

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