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In recent times, home businesses have totally emerged from being an unorthodox idea. Most people underestimated this style of working but look where we are now. In a world like today, it seems to be one of the most convenient businesses. Not only do you get to work from the comfort of your home but you get to work. Some businesses have even lost that opportunity due to the pandemic. Especially small businesses like local retailers. Today, when going out and meeting people puts you at a risk of contracting a deadly disease, earning money from the comfort of home is what most people are opting for. But mind you it is not as easy as it sounds. A home business requires an equal amount of dedication and hardwork as any other business. If you are also planning to start a home business we got you covered on the ideas part .

Home Bakery

Homemade, Home Cooked and Home Baked wins hearts most of the time over any dish cooked in a commercial kitchen. It is that warmth of the home that reflects in the dish that comes out of the kitchen. If you love to bake and keep going around the house making new cookies and cakes, then why not make money out of it? If you are into baking you must already have the basic baking equipment at home and this makes things a lot easier starting a baking business. Research well, and develop your own speciality whether it is a special flavoured cake cookie or other baked item. Marketing your business is really important, set up a small website or just create a social media account for your business. First market your baked items in your neighbourhood, give them samples and ask for feedback on your website, promote it on social media. For deliveries you can either set up your own delivery system or connect with other already existing delivery services to get your products delivered.

Homemade Candles

Candles are a modern day home accessory which is loved by the majority of people. It has slowly lost its original purpose and has found a new one altogether. Scented candles are a hit when it comes to aromatherapy and on top of that people even love putting up candles as décor items. Homemade candles is a business with a lot of potential, one of the main reasons being the possibilities there are to scale up this business. From flavours, to shapes, to catering to various markets there are a lot of possibilities. Candle making is also fairly easy to start and if you are someone who likes to get their hands dirty with the DIYs this business can turn out to be the perfect one for you. This involves a lot of creativity and like any other business, a solid vision. Focus on what your product is all about and design around it. Pay special attention to the choice of colors, logo, website design etc. Create a social media handle and let people know about your product beforehand. Market it locally and give them around the shops in your neighbourhood and city. If you wish to make your products available outside your city, connect with a shiping/delivery service provider which may make things easier or you can even make use of the existing postal services.

Graphic Design

If you are someone who is really interested in art and design, starting a home based business around it might not be a bad idea. Graphic design does need a lot of skill and knowledge of various softwares but the key to a good design is that creative eye. You can put your creative juices to work as you learn graphic design. There are a number of options to learn graphic design online, once you’ve got a hold of it you can hone your skills by practicing. To go about your business start locally but also make an online presence. Offer your services in a local facebook group or put up well designed flyers across your city. You can even attract potential clients by telling your friends and neighbours about your business and the kind of services you offer.

Homemade Jam

Everybody loves jam, don’t they? They are delicious to begin with so who can probably resist that deliciousness. I bet no one. So why not start a jam business? If only everyone could do it. Well, good news is anyone can make a jar of jam, the trick is to have the skill to bring out the deliciousness. If you don’t already know how to make jam, you can find tons of tutorials and recipes online. Once you’ve learned the basics of how to make a jam, practice it. Experiment with different flavours and see how it works, if you like any of the new flavor pairings you can use that as your signature product. If you feel confident enough with your skill then go about running the business. Pay special care to packaging, focus on what your brand is all about. Market it on various social media platforms and attract potential customers.

Content Developer/Writer

Content development has become such a huge deal in today’s business world. Words weigh importance, weave those words in a clever way and it creates magic. Content development isn’t for everyone but those with a passion for writing can clearly achieve success in it. Start your content writing business by offering services to various businesses and writing platforms. Pitch your writing style to those businesses, show them your diversity in writing. To get a head start, you can set up a website where you can post your write ups or start blogging on various topics. You can even make use of social media to showcase your writing skills all the while promoting your business.


Tutoring has been a way to earn since as long as we know. It is something which can be taken up by any one with a skill of explaining things and knowledge. A tutor well knows who to tutor based on their educational and teaching skills. So for every tutor the range of students varies from kindergarteners to high secondary schoolers. With online platforms today, you can make use of them to teach online. Once the pandemic subsides, you can go back to the traditional way of tutoring i.e. either tutor them at their home or call them to your own house for classes. With dedication and your teaching methods you can make a name for yourself and attract more students. If you already have experience in tutoring or teaching, starting this business will be quite easy for you.

Social Media Management

A tech savvy person who keeps up with all the latest technology trends can be a fit for starting a social media management business. Businesses today cannot survive without social media marketing, it is a core part of any business. If you only have the right skills to cater to businesses to manage their social media and help their business grow, then your dream home business will come to life. Skills are easily acquired with online classes along with the certification. Make yourself skilled, put your skills to practice, train yourself and start pitching to businesses. Once you’ve gotten a hold of a client, you can show off your full potential to scale your business. Get yourself out there and let people know that you are offering these services because many small businesses aren’t yet familiar with social media marketing and possess necessary skills to market their businesses on social media platforms.

Online Clothing Business

Shopping experience as we know it has changed completely in the past decade. If you have an eye for fashion and like to keep up with the latest trends you can have your own online clothing business. To start off this can be done in two ways, you can either start your own brand and sell the clothes online or you can source clothes from other brands. Once you have had your clothes sorted out you can set up a website, create a social media account and get started with your business. Connect with a shipping/delivery company to get your articles delivered.

Jewelry Making

Anyone with a creative eye and a niche in DIY can get into jewelry making. Some people are born with a great deal of hand magic and create some wonderful items. If you fall into that category, learning how to make jewelry might not be that hard of a task for you. Start off by creating your designs and then work on your design through the materials. You can sell your jewelry on an online platform. One of the most important things to consider when selling something online is branding. You need to market your products well, do this by setting up a social media account and putting up enticing pictures. Run marketing campaigns like giveaway contests and buy one get one free offers or discount offers to attract potential customers.

Homemade Products

Are you the creative weirdo in your house? Do you always find joy in creating new things and diying around the house? Then this business idea might be the perfect one for you. Every household has something which is a speciality of just their own. This can be a special heart winning recipe of a dish or a special item. This is when starting a home business becomes easy. You can take that specialty and totally turn it into a business. Playing to your strengths turn out to be a great deal profitable (not exactly just in terms of money). First of all you know the product well, which means you save time on research and development. You can use the saved time in other areas of your business like design, building a website, marketing etc. All of this can be done from the comfort of your home. If you want to take a more creative route you can even indulge in developing a totally new product for your business. Develop a product which you have full faith in, give it a name. market it around your neighbourhood, in your city, via social media and set up your business.

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