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Once you write your board exams, you will actually encounter with the biggest decision of your life. It can get complicated when you have a list of things or, nothing at all. If you own an equal desire to more than two fields, it’ll be tough to make the right choice. Besides, if you are barred from the extensive host of careers, then you might find yourself unexcited by the limited number of career options you’ve known. It’s true that due to lack of knowledge and information, students often drop out on excellent career prospects.

Regardless of what stream you fall under, planning your career early will be advantageous. Still, its never too late to start! You need to know your bent and pick a subject domain that matches your aptitudes. The majority nowadays conduct the Entrance Test right after class 12 board exams.
However, there are some that conduct the entrance test and admission once the board results are out. They take in the candidates based on the board exam merits. So, it’s never too late to make the right choice.

So, how to find an answer to ‘what next after class 12 boards’ or, ‘how to choose the right career after board exams‘? Firstly, take time for self-analysis. If your focus until now was scoring well in boards, drift them on what is needed to be done further. This way, your queries regarding ‘what next’ will get resolved.

If you’ve waited until you get the board results, you now need to drain all your energy on planning your ideal career. Adopt the method that holds specified short-term goals with a faraway vision. The decision you make after your class 12th boards are a crucial point of your life. Unlike in school, now you get to choose your subject based on your interest, which will further shape your career path. Your right decision will help you transcend par the horizons. While the wrong one will prevent your career growth.

So, go ahead and explore what you love. But, if you feel that your chosen stream in Class 11 wasn’t fit for you, then it’s the right time to change. There are a large number of institutions that offer modern-day professional courses regardless of what streams you studied in 10+2 level.

So, if you’re still unsure regarding how to choose your career after board exams, don’t fret. We’ve come up with some brilliant and practical ways for breaking down the boundaries of insecurities, ignorance, and doubts. You can start by focusing on the following.

#1. Ask Yourself What You Want With Life

We all nurture a dream within us. Whether it’s big or a tiny dream, strange or simple, we all hope to fulfill it someday at some point in our lives. So what is it that you want yourself to be defined with when you grow old? For, instance, the idea of taking commerce indicates your bent towards statistics, market, capitals, etc. So, find out your bent based on your chosen streams or subjects if you haven’t observed one in yourself.

#2. Conduct a through Self-Analysis

Don’t jump into conclusions based on the marks that you obtain in your class 12 boards. For instance, you’ve scored excellent marks in other subjects but your interest lies in Environmental Studies, go for the latter rather than picking the subjects based on scores. After all, your potential and interest are what matters, not the scores. So, seek out your quest and dare to do your passion.

#3. Do Some Research On Your Own Regarding Various Careers

If you’re not attracted by any career alternatives that you’ve been told or known so far, then you certainly should allow yourself to be exposed to an infinite host of career alternatives. The rise of technologies and the vigor of the internet is paving paths to a new range of careers. So, it’s your core job to find out the one that excites you like no other. So, indulge in some research work on your own. It’s easy after all, you get every bit of information at your fingertips.

#4. Reconsider Your Stream, Whether It’s Right For You Or Not

If you think that you’ve had a hard time understanding your subject for 2 years, then you need to reconsider your stream. Passing Class 10 boards gives you the freedom of choosing your desired stream. Some students take up science against their will as they’re forced by their parents. As a result, some drop the stream in the middle term and switch to another. If you’re dissatisfied regarding your chosen stream in 10+2 level, don’t get stuck with it further.

#5. Make a Change in Choices, If You Think You Should

Owing to the wide scope and the society’s obsession for the subject, you’ve willingly taken science or commerce in your 10+2 level. However, over the span of 2 years, you realize that your passion for music and writing is par level than the bias notions and scope of science. Realization is not enough if you see the need for a change. Dare for the change for the prospect of making a life with your passions rather than simply existing with an unsatisfactory job.

#6. Attend Career Counselling Programs

Once you write your board exams you’ll have plenty of free time in your hand. If you’re losing sleep over the thought of ‘what next’ and ‘how to choose the right career‘ then there’s always a solution. Many institutions provide career counseling to students who have just appeared their board exams or, are willing to get help from experts. Career counseling programs help you get a better insight into a vast array of professions. You can also get to speak with the experts regarding your doubts. Don’t take up courses that are just being offered to you. Rather choose the one that fits your bent and aptitudes.

#7. Shortlist the Entrance Exams Worth Writing

We all wish to attend the best colleges in the country with the hope of getting better opportunities, with a prospect of getting into good professions. But, you just can’t get admission to a medical college to become a doctor. Nor your marks can obtain you that admission. You know the current scenario! the trending practice of entrance tests for getting into the considered “best colleges” in India. So, if you’ve chosen a particular niche, you should first shortlist the entrance test to get into your desired colleges. Don’t miss out on the ones worth writing. And, don’t waste your time by writing the ones that don’t relate to your aspirations.

#8. Seek Help From the Experts in Your Desired Field

Well, research and counseling is one thing and seeking advice from experts or professionals, the other. If you wish to start a business you can always seek help from someone who has a successful business or a flourishing startup. If designing intrigues you, you can speak with someone who is, and hold expertise plus years of experience in designing. Similarly, with any other domain, be it art, tech, food, etc. Never hesitate to seek help from the experts.

#9. Take Up an Internship in Your Chosen Career Domain

If the idea of doing a 9 to 5 job makes your head go dizzy. Or, the very thought of being posted to a remote region traumatizes you, then entrepreneurship is all there is for you. If you’ve dreamed about a startup, you can utilize the two months break after your board exams by working part-time or doing an internship in the industry of your choice. This not only helps you learn the responsibility but also provides hindsight in to the industry operations and management, hard work and skills required to start and run a business.

#10. Drop the Biased Judgments of Others in Your Choices

When you’ve finally thought of dropping your science or commerce stream to pursue your passions for cooking or writing, go for it. Your decision might get wide criticisms but be fearless for your desire. Our society is biased. But, don’t let their judgment wreck your aspirations. Listen to your heart, not to the biased opinions of others. A few years later, when you become a successful chef or publish your best selling book, you’ll be glad that you dared to make your own best choice, rather than carried away by the biased notions of the crowds.

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