How To Make Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Flakes

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Vanilla cake is a great option for baking enthusiasts. It is an ideal recipe when one thinks of a simple and easy to make cake with a moist and subtle layered texture.

Our Culinary Arts students of Inspiria Knowledge Campus under the guidance of Chef Sudipta Mukherjee prepared one for their practical class.

The cake came out really well with a moist creamy texture . Each of us got a large helping of the cake which was beautifully layered with a dash of chocolate flakes on top of it .

Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Flakes



Whip egg with sugar

Add vanilla essence

Fold the flow lightly

Add salt into it

Fold it with melted fat

Pour on a round cake tin

Bake at 180° for 20 min

De Seed the cherry

Cook on slow fire with sugar

Add sugar syrup and make it juicy

Whip a fresh cream and keep aside

After baking the cake cut from middle half and put juicy cherry syrup and apply cream on it

Put cherry on top and put another layer of cake

Apply syrup and cover it with fresh cream.

Put chocolate flakes and pipe out a drop of cream on top and put color balls for decoration

For more such bakery recipes join the Culinary Arts course at Inspiria Knowledge Campus, Siliguri

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