How To Make Whole Egg Yolk Soup

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We all love having poached eggs .How about serving a hot soup with a poached egg on top of It.? It may sound strange but this combination is really healthy and takes the soup to a whole new level. The egg is cooked with the steam in the stock itself.

The Culinary Arts students of Inspiria Knowledge Campus along with Chef Anjani Nandan prepared this amazing soup for their practicals.


    • Chicken Stock 400 ml
    • Spinach leaf 5 pieces
    • Egg yolk 1 no.
  • Star Anise 1 piece
  • Basil a pinch


To the chicken stock add a star anise and boil for approx.

10 min. Add basil and adjust seasoning.

Blanch the spinach leaves in the stock.

Arrange the leaves on bottom of soup bowl.

Separate the egg yolk and place it on the spinach in bowl.

Pour the piping hot stock in the bowl and serve immediately.

The soup came out really well having a warm and robust taste. The poached egg breaks and runs all over the soup giving it a denser and creamy texture.

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